P52: Playtime

On Memorial Day, our family had a BLAST playing "Water Balloon Baseball."   It's pretty much like regular baseball and you have to hit the ball to be able to run the bases, but the fielders, instead of having gloves and catching the ball and tagging you out, each have two balloons.  If you get hit by a water balloon and it breaks on you, then you are OUT!  (Be sure to say that in your best umpire voice, lol!) 

Since our kids are little we played with a big fat plastic bat and ball.  

 Levi would stop while running the bases and ask to be hit with a balloon! HA!

And Lucy bounced up and down in her megasaucer on the front porch and was our little cheerleader. =)  These days she's always scrunching up her little nose and sniffing, it's so adorable!
What kind of games do you enjoy playing as a family?

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  1. This looks like the most fun game of baseball EVER! :)

  2. that sounds so much more fun than actual baseball!

  3. Your balloons in the bucket are so visually appealing! Nice composition to the photo! And your kids are adorable!

  4. Now I understand what is going on! The thumbnail totally confused me! This looks like such a blast. Zoe is scrunching up her nose lately too, but I can never get it on camera.

  5. So much fun! I gotta do this with my boys!

  6. that last picture with your little one making faces is soooo precious! it melted my heart


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