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Can I just admit that I'm a complete sucker for keeping our babies in our room?  Yes, yes I am.
Our first two babies spent a lot of time in the NICU before coming home, and so in 2009 when Levi came home from the hospital 2.5 days after birth, it was just so amazing to me.  He was our third child and it was the first time I didn't have to leave my baby behind when I was discharged.  (Hubby and I honestly couldn't believe how easy having a "normal" baby was!)  Then when Lucy was born in November she came home with me 24 hours exactly from when she was born.  It was glorious.  I was seriously on cloud nine to have this little newborn, this teeny little "freshie" as I call them, with me all the time.

So yes, just having our babies in our room in our home is a treat.  Do they eventually get kicked out?  DEFINITELY.  But for right now, while she doesn't go to bed until around 10:00 and occasionally wakes up in the night to nurse, it's just easier than waking up the other end of the house with her cries.

But you want to know my favorite part of keeping her in our room? 
 .................little eyes that peep above the bumper pad in the morning. 
We get such a kick out of it! She always wakes up super happy too.

I {heart} her little paci face!
She is such a cutie pie!!  I may never be able to send her down the hall to her big sissy's room. (Just kidding,  Honey!)  =D

What are some of your favorite "baby" things?

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  1. She is beautiful. Gorgeous eyes. Enjoy every moment.

  2. I love looking through slats to see little peepers, too. Only one of our babies ever woke up in a good mood. She still does and it is so sweet. :)

  3. I stumbled on your blog via Pinterest...it caught my eye since my baby girl's name is Laine! :o) (And yes, I frequently say, "Just Laine"!!) One of my favorite things is her gleeful cackle when she plays with her dad.

    Excited to explore your blog! :o)


  4. Awww.... I miss that... The little smiling faces that think you are the BEST thing ever. What a great way to wake up.

    The pediatrician was always after us to NOT have the baby in our room. But, it was so much easier than traipsing across or down the hall to nurse or check on a newborn. And what a joy!


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