Recent Yard Sale Finds

I don't know about ya'll, (I'm going to sound all country now) but for the past month I have been just itching to go "yard-saling" as it's called around here!  I enjoy it so much...even the getting up early part!  There's just something about leaving the house all quiet with my cup of coffee in hand. Lydia comes with me and I usually give her chocolate milk!  Made with ovaltine of course so it's semi-healthy! =D

I wasn't really planning to go last week since my hubby left super early for a Men's Prayer Breakfast at church, but I had to run an errand so around 10:00 I headed out with my kiddos.  Here's what I found....

smocked dress and three skirts for Lucy

Don't you  just love this "Darth Tater" we found?  Cracks me up!  Levi was SO good while were looking, he didn't touch or ask for anything, or even whine about being there...he seriously impressed me.  I'm not a proponent of buying good behavior, but rewarding it? Yes.  =)  So for a few pennies this potato head came home with us.  He was so surprised when I handed it to him and said it was his!  Of course he has no clue who Darth Vader is, but he thinks it's awesome that he has a mask and a sword!  (Oh yeah, and that he can put stuff in the back of the potato...he's a little obsessed with that, lol!)

Adorable sweater flats for $0.50? Yes, please!

4 pairs of pants, a belt and crocs for Caleb

Levi fell down and scraped his knee at this one yardsale and the lady gave this little Boyd's bear to him.  It was so sweet of her!  

 Here's all the loot together.  Along with the stuff in the pics above, I got a basket, an american eagle purse, wedge sandals, and two pairs of carpenter jeans for my hubby.  Total for the day: $7.00.  Not bad!

 The Saturday before I had not planned on going out but Lucy woke up super early and since I was already awake I just went!  Here's what I scored that day:

 Red billabong purse and Isaac Mizrahi sunglasses 
(Oh yeah, there was also a nice wallet with the price tags still on it that I found in a pocket of the purse when I got home! Sweet!)

 Owl dress with ruffly skirt for Lucy (love this!!)

 Isn't that adorable? Under the cake it says, "pretty please?"  (For Lucy too)  I'm thinking this will be the perfect shirt for her first birthday! =)

 Brown infinity scarf

 Glass jars
(I love these jars for storing grains and such)

 Black tanktop for me and a romper for Miss Lucy

And now for one of my favorite finds of all time!!........

 Isn't she lovely?  I about died when I saw this chair. It's one of those old powder room/makeup chairs and it's in awesome condition...LOVE it!  It's going to go in the girl's room, but I think it would be perfect for a photo prop.  Wouldn't a little snuggly newborn just be darling on that chair?  {swoon}  And guess how much I paid for it?!..........
...$3.00!! {squeal} My total for that day was actually $7.00 as well. =)  Yay!

While were are on the subject, if you've never been "yard-saling" before and aren't quite sure how to begin, Christina has a great series about Yard Sales going on at the Frugal Homemaker right now!  She gives great tips on what to shop for, what to take with you, etc. She also has a "Frugal Finds" post on Fridays where she shows of her yard sale and thrift store finds for the week.  I always look forward to seeing her treasures! You should go check it out!  

So, are any of you die hard "yard-salers?"  Have the yard sales started in your area yet?  Any favorite finds you wanna share?


  1. Love it! Good job! I don't have yard sales to go to here in Siberia! I need to start a trend and do one with all the other missionary wives to show Russian people how great they are. Don't you agree? I do enjoy thrift store shopping here and LOVE it when I find new clothes there way cheaper than in the stores. I will definitely be hitting yard sales on furlough!

  2. Good finds! Here in Texas I am seeing yard sales all throughout the week and not just on the weekends.

    I was wondering how you changed the timing mechanism in your clock? You mentioned doing that it in a post before. I have a clock that might need that to keep from buying another one.

  3. i see u can be successful even wiht hauling the kids! :) nice stuff! just found ur blog via another friend on fb.

  4. love all your finds - the red purse, the infinity scarf - CUTE kids clothes and adorable chair!! Your prices amaze me! Makes me think I pay too much - but I really do bargain for some of my prices. One day... I will shop your low price and you can shop my parking lot sale :)

    thanks for the shoutout too!


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