Projects In The Works

It seems I always have a project in production around here..and it's usually never just one at a time. I'm a little crazy like that.  Maybe one day I'll learn to just do one at a time. {shaking head} Here's a few that I've been working on lately....

See all of those paint sticks??  Those are for a project for the office.  Can you guess what it's for?  (Here's a little hint.)

 Wondering why there are frames all over my living room floor??  Yes, it's a little hazardous..my poor kids were hearing "Don't walk in here!!" about every five seconds.  (Don't worry, this wasn't left on my floor very long, lol.)  But you'll just have to wait to until next week to see what this is all about, muhahaha. =D
And while we're on the subject of projects, I really, REALLY want to make one of these diy maxi dresses.  I actually bought some fabric for the dress part yesterday on sale for $2.95 a yard! {squeal}  Now I'm on the hunt for a t-shirt to use instead of a tank top.  That way I won't have to always wear a shrug or sweater since I'm not a sleeveless kinda' gal.  Maybe if I'm lucky I'll get it done this weekend since it's super easy to make!

I should be back tomorrow with my post for Project 52, but if not, know that all is well and that I'm most likely tethered to my sewing machine. =D  If that happens then you'll see it on Monday!  

Hope ya'll have an awesome weekend!  And that nothing weird happens so you since it's Friday the 13th. {enter spooky sounding laugh} LOL!  =P

So...what are you up to this weekend??

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  1. I'm up to celebrating Easter with our family and then with my wonderful Sunday school kids on Sunday! Cooking our family meal tomorrow so that Sunday will not be so hectic! Then we are having a tea time/ appetizer time for our church people after the service. Praying for some visitors to come! Your projects look neat!


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