p52: Things That Grow

I'm beginning to wonder which is growing faster....
The dandelion weed or the little boy who keeps giving them?

Seriously, I think this little man has just shot up over night!  (All his pants are getting to be high-waters, lol!)  Crazy to think that he was once only 1lb. 15oz.!

Yep, yep, around here, the fastest growing things are definitely kids and weeds.  Love the kids, hate the weeds.  Although I do love when my kids help weed! =D

Is it just me, or do you other momma's just feel like you blink and your babies seem to have grown a foot overnight?? (Apparently those books I put on their heads are NOT working!!) =P

This post is part of the photography challenge Project 52  with My3boybarians.  
Last week's pic: Sacrifice


  1. Great depth of focus. Great photo.

  2. Our kiddos are unbelievable. Every time I turn around (it seems) they are showing me a new skill or are inches taller than before. Whatever happened to the little babies who momma cuddled n' snuggled and had to do EVERYTHING for them? and who are these gangly little people pouring their own drinks and managing computer games like a pro? It is a bittersweet experience. I smile at their health and developments, I rejoice in their newfound skills and achievements. And yet tears fall unchecked as I'm slowly learning to let go. They ARE growing up.

    Lovely picture, Laine.

  3. They grow much too quickly, but every moment is a blessing.

  4. Yep, before you know it, they're all grown up. Have you seen the Subaru commercial where the dad is talking to his daughter before she drives away for the first time? Yes, it's just like that. Keep lots of tissues handy for those years. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6F3-InOdMP4

  5. Oh, it is so true and I don't want to miss a moment! Love the pic ;)

  6. Sweet words...Love the dandelion pic...

    Have a lovely day!

  7. Yes! I blinked and now both of mine are graduating in May--one from high school and one from college! Where did all those years go? Very sweet photo.

  8. Same thing happening here! :( I just take tons of pictures and videos and write everything cute down so we can enjoy it a little longer.


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