p52: Foolin' Around

This week I did something I've never done before....I drove a sports car!  This Dodge Challenger belongs to my dad and he had promised my kiddos that he'd bring it over and give them a ride.  Of course my boys were just over the moon about it as you can imagine.  They LOVE cars! I know pretty much zero about cars, but apparently this particular Dodge Challenger is limited edition with only a certain number manufactured.

Yep, my dad was extremely brave super nice and let me drive it.  {gulp} And I didn't break any speed limits, aren't you proud??

It's super shiny...the reflection was amazing!
 Lucy says hi. =D
 Then my hubby got to drive it....and I'm sure didn't go above 60. {cough:cough} 

 My kiddos had a BLAST.  They all got to sit in the front seat and rev the engine until it rumbled...basically a little boy's dream come true, lol!  
So yeah, we had a lot of fun foolin' around with the "race car" as my boys have dubbed it!  Thanks, Dad for bringing it over!

Have you ever driven a sports car?  And how fast did you go?? =P

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  1. Awesome car! That last shot is so cute.

  2. haha - how fun! will have to show my hubby the pictures. Yep, a Mopar - he would like that :)

    and your littlest one in his rain boots - too funnu! :)

  3. I almost bought an SRT8 charger a few years ago. I went for a test drive, and when I went to merge onto the interstate, I looked at the speed, and from the top of the on ramp to the interstate, I had gone from 0 to 110. I wasn't even pushing the engine at all! I could barely feel the speed!!! I decided at that second that I do not need a car with that kind of horsepower, or i would have wrapped it around a phone pole. That's the fastest I have driven a vehicle. Yes, it was an amazing machine, just not for me. :)

  4. It even looks fast parked! Looks like great fun.

  5. I own one. :) But it's old. lol A 66 Mustang that I bought when I was 16 and it introduced me to my hubby. :) I went 120 in it once. Scared me to death. But I've waited all this time to be able to say I did it. Ha!
    Jessie at JessieGunderson.com

  6. Oh, my goodness, how fun! I don't know much about cars, either, but that would be fun! I love the shot of you in the side-view mirror. You look like you had fun, just like your boys!

  7. Ah, how fun! Love the reflection pics!


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