Confessions of a Plant Killer

So the Nester wanted us all to have a nice little party showing off our pretty house plants.
But it's time I told you the sad, sad truth.
Yep.  It's true people.  
I'm a house plant killer.
Like a serial house plant killer.
For reals. 

If a plant enters my home, it's going to have a slow and painful death.  
I have good intentions..I put them in a sunny window, I water them.  
What else am I supposed to do?!  Why can't I keep a plant alive??

See this plant?  It was some kind of ivy and other furry-leafed thingy and was given to me when Lucy was born in November.  It was so pretty and I loved it...and now look at it!!

Then at the favorite things party I was given this lovely cilantro plant in a chalkboard pot {love} and guess what?  It died too.  And I was all excited because we LOVE cilantro and I was going to be able to just pick some off and use it.  Utter sadness.  

Last summer I was given these cute little succulents and I put them in my grandma's carnival glass.  The lady who gave them to me said it's pretty much impossible to kill them.  
Well, guess what????
It's DEAD.  
Yep, I killed that adorable plant. 
How in the world?? 

Uggh.I think I'm getting a complex.  
Perhaps I need therapy.
BUT, there is good news... I do have one living plant in my home!!
(Aren't you proud?)
I saw somewhere (pinterest, maybe?) about putting green onions from the store in some water and placing them in a sunny window.  
So far, so good.
I think it's been alive (and growing!) for over two weeks now. 

Isn't it purty??

But I'm beginning to wonder if this is gonna kill over soon. 
Onions are bulbs and once the nutrients in the bulb are gone, it's gonna die, right? 
Do I need to plant it in dirt?
I don't want to kill another plant!!

Now that you know the sad truth about me, can all you "green-thumbed-planty people" help a girl out?  Could a different succulent actually stay alive in my house?  Any super-hearty plants that you recommend? 

And I can't believe that I'm actually going to link this up to Nester's plant party. {shaking head} Oh the embarrassment involved in being real, LOL! =D


  1. ...and yet you have a big veggie garden! Try a Peace Lily or a Spider plant. I don't think you can kill those. :)

    1. I'm a killer too (plant killer). The fake succulents are impossible to kill, go with those :)

    2. I have killed them repeatedly.

  2. I need to give you a cutting of my snake plant - I only water every 2 or 3 weeks when I think about it - and it's thriving! I've heard IKEA has nice faux plants! =)

  3. I'm a plant killer, too! I was just saying that I should try some succulents, but if there not brown thumb proof, I'm in trouble.

  4. Too funny. I thought I was the only one who killed houseplant after houseplant. I gave up long ago, but have recently been considering growing some herbs inside... Maybe someone should stop me and spare the poor things!

  5. Sweetheart, Green Peace called today asking a bunch of questions. It seems that they are on to your little house of horticultural horrors thing. You had better be more careful about posting pictures of your vegetation victims.

  6. Hello, my name is Linda. And I'm a plant killer.

    I would try the green onions, but I know my husband would just pluck them out and eat them! And I too was wondering what the next step would be ...



  7. this reply has nothing to do with this link but I was catching up on your blog and I saw that you were trying to bake without eggs. Just wanted to pass on that you can use flax seed in some things in place of eggs....flax seed and water. we do it with pancakes and waffles...I can tell a little difference but not enough to not eat it...I haven't tried it for cookies but you might give it a try....

  8. I too kill most plants. My (almost) 7 year old can put 1 seed in the ground and grow a huge plant. I have green onions too. I started them in a glass of water on my counter, but they started to smell kinda skunky. I went ahead and planted them in a planter and am happy to say they are growing wonderfully! In fact, I have to cut them so often, that I now have a big amount of dried green onions (low oven till they're crunchy).

  9. oh, I am sorry you are a plant killer! I LOVE plants! I keep house plants alive for 2-3 years. If I would fertilize them or change the soil, I could probably get them to last longer - guess I need to work on that ;)

    I have been growing the green onions too - I left mine in water and they lasted about 4-6 week and I got a cutting off of them each week. I don't know about planting them in dirt - you probably could.

    I need to work on growing herbs and veggies - maybe next year - don't think it will happen this year.


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