Cheery Yarn Wreath

Remember, oh way back back in February when the $5 Michael's coupon came out?  I used it to buy my supplies for a yarn wreath...a straw wreath, felt and of course, yarn.
actually started it  while I was watching the Super Bowl.....
....and then it sat on my craft table just like this for weeks.  Poor neglected wreath.
But finally I got my gumption up and finished it! Yay!! =)
To make the flowers, I used a tutorial I found here. Then I pinned them on with sewing pins so I can just change them out whenever!  Turquoise looks pretty with so many things so it'll be fun to try out different color combos.
 Originally I planned to put this on our front door, but decided it would be fun to add it to my "fantle" instead.  I love the cheery splash of color!  (BTW, you can find the tutorial for the scripture subway art canvas here.)
I have plans to paint that huge, uber-cheap yard sale mirror...if only I can decide on a color! (Any suggestions?!)
This yarn wreath seemed to take forever and ever to wrap, but this project was definitely worth it!  

Made any fun crafts lately?  Think you'd take a stab at making a yarn wreath? 

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  1. OOOOH! I love it! I have been wanting to try and make one of these. I am totally into the turquoise color right now too! It looks great. You did a good job. Also glad to see that others leave their projects sitting for a while before finishing. :)

  2. LOVE this! Yes, making a yarn wreath is on my list one day. I just can't decide on the colors ;)

    Love the turquoise and you are right, you could change out the flowers with so many colors - yellow, white, brown, tan, dark blue, grey :)

    Love your spring fantle too :) did you paint the edge of the window to have that turquoise look? and for the color of the mirror - I don't know. I am always scared to do a bold color like yellow or turquoise cause I am afraid then it won't go with so many things )(i.e. red curtains in the living room). BUT your house has lots of whites so a fun color would probably go fine. Maybe turquoise - the one that they mix in with blank or paint over black and then sand off the edges? Think you know what I am talking about?? :) oooh or grey! :)

  3. Love the wreath! I'd go with a bright green for the mirror - it looked almost green in the photo to me, so that's what I pictured when you asked. Good luck!

  4. I love the flowers! Very cute! I took a ton of time to wrap a yarn wreath, but haven't done anything with it yet. I may need to try this :)

  5. I have totally been meaning to make a wreath like this myself.
    You have inspired me to get my butt moving and make it =)
    Much Love,


  6. It looks awesome, Laine! I love the way you've hung it right onto that window. And you're so clever to attach the flowers with pins. You're right--there are so many different colors that would look great with that aqua base. Great job!

  7. Love these colors! I've got most of the supplies for this and just might be making it this weekend, hee hee!


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