Project 52--Week 9: A Great Leap

I was so tempted to skip this week's assignment.  We've had an extremely busy week and then to top it off, my lens that I use 90% of the time seemed broken.  Fabulous.  The aperature kept showing "F00." (As in F-zero-zero...I know, looks like foo, HA!)  Thankfully I have other lenses but with time constraints and one broken lens, my photo I wanted to do just wasn't going to happen....so as of yesterday morning I had nothing.

Well, the weather yesterday was beautiful and my boys unknowingly came to my rescue.  They were playing "Buzz Lightyear" and jumping off of everything in sight with shouts of "To infinity...and beyond!!"  Love my boys. =)  (Oh yeah, if you've ever wondered how Buzz got his name, you might want to check out this post.)

While these aren't exactly what I had in mind for this week, Caleb had a blast.  You know boys, they love to show off....so getting their picture taken by mom while showing off is even better. =P
{leaping off of the swing}
{little man kept stealing the cape any chance he got!}

Oh, guess what??  When my hubby got home last night I told him about my lens.  So he put it on the camera to check it out and what do you know??  It worked!  Whew!  But still, I couldn't help thinking "GRRRR...why couldn't it have worked for me??"  I think it's mad at me for overworking it for 3+ years now and it's getting a mind of it's own! =)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend friends!  I'll be spending mine catching up on homeschool stuff, housework, etc.  What about you?  Anything fun planned to start the month of March?
Linking up to Project 52 @ My3boybarians.  Last weeks pic: Cabin Fever


  1. Glad you didn't skip the week. These are great pictures! I hope you get F00 fixed:)

  2. Cute pics! I think lots of us have aperatures that say "FOO" but we just have to pray about our bad attitudes! :) Have a great weekend! I will be doing the same, cleaning, grading papers, making visits and preparing for Sunday school!

  3. I forgot to take pictures of my nieces when they were here yesterday so I might have to skip this week or maybe do double duty next week. Oh well. No way I can self-portrait myself leaping :) and don't think hubby will be a willing subject :)

    Your pictures are cute! I am sure he didn't mind being your subject! :)

    what is your favorite lens?

  4. great job capturing that jump mid air!


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