Project 52--Week 12: Hunger

Living in the country is the best.  We love, LOVE, l.o.v.e. it.  Our little fixer-upper house {which is a work in progress!} resides on a little gravel road.  There's only six homes out here, but we can only see three, including ours.  Although from our front porch, only one is visible. It's awesome.  =)

Right across the little gravel road is a large pasture, dotted with horses.  All day, everyday, we can see these beautiful animals grazing.  When the weather is nice we mosy on down to the fence, click our tongues and try to coax the horses over. Usually all it takes is holding up a clump of the long grass that grows just outside their reach.  The horses sniff at my kids heads, eat the grass and nudge each other out of the way. I must say, it is rather funny to watch them "fight" over who gets the attention! 

Gravel roads.
Green pastures.

Big blue skies.
Room to explore.

So many reasons to love life in the country!

Linking up to Project 52 @ My3boybarians.  Last week's pic: Eyes of March


  1. Sounds beautiful. That picture looks like one horse with a mirrored image. Have a great weekend enjoying the country!

  2. Love the shot. I grew up with a horse and lived on a gravel road. I miss the quiet of the country.

  3. Beautiful composition. It does look almost like one horse and his reflection.


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