Project 52--Week 11: Eyes of March

Dear Lucy,

There's a continuous debate in our home about the color of your eyes.
The Dr. says by 6 months we'll know the true color.

Mommy says hazel.
Daddy says brown.
Even though you're just a tiny girl, your eyes tell all.
Talking to you is so much fun....waiting for your beautiful smile.
Because when you smile, you smile with your eyes too, with your whole face really.

I want to remember how your eyes look right now, this March, at almost 4 months old.
Whatever color, they are one of God's most beautiful creations ever.

Mommy =)

Linking up to Project 52 @ My3boybarians.  Last week's pic: Be Still


  1. She's beautiful! Great photos

  2. I agree, an incredible creation indeed!!

  3. What a sweet face. Those pictures are precious.

  4. What a sweetie! So, so beautiful! I LOVE her expressions!!!


  5. so sweet!! love, love, love happy baby photos. :) oh and i vote hazel. :)

  6. Love these pics! A baby's smile is one of most precious things on earth. Love, love, love it when my boy smiles at me. Melts my heart.

  7. What beautiful pictures! And her eyes are just gorgeous!! Well done!

  8. How old is she again? My three all have dark brown eyes and you could usually tell fairly early on. My eyes happen to be hazel and I've seen a picture of me around 2-3 months old that looked almost the same grey-blue shade as hers appear in this picture. Sooo I say, "hazel" but I was thinking wouldn't it be humorous if they turn out to be something totally out of the blue, like...blue?!??;) Whatever the color--he eyes are beautiful! =)

    1. and now I took another look at them (First time was on my phone) and it's hard to say what shade they are now! =)(someday you'll have to do a follow up post reveal the color!)

  9. Cutie pie! Nice shots. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. She is so beautiful! Love that big smile! I think hazel too, but they do look a bit blueish too.
    Haylee and Wade are both blue, but Davis's are much darker. I've been doing the guessing game with his too. :)


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