p52: Details

If your life is anything like mine, it's rushing by and lost in it are the little details.  Oh, I may see the big picture and remember that quite well, but what about those little things that made up that big picture?

You see, there's this great big cherry tree in our front yard and when it blooms, it's covered in pink, puffy blossoms. The breeze blows, petals fly and our yard becomes a pink-petal wonderland.  

It made me start thinking...I admire that big tree and it's beautiful blossoms, but what about the tiny petals?  Those little petals are what make it beautiful, yet they are so easily forgotten as they float down to the grass and are trodden underfoot.

It's like this picture.  All of my beautiful babies together....but it's the big picture.  What about the details behind it?
What about when big sister curled up her legs to sit like and indian and baby sister's feet rested on her, tickling with her tiny toes.

 Or when two proud big brothers decided to simultaneously smooch their little sister...we always photograph that.

But what about when the baby, in answer to those kisses, turns up her little birdmouth trying to find a cheek to slobber and give a smooch of her own?

Or when a few seconds later one of those big brothers begins to gently touch her sweet toes and then her little hand reaches out and grabs his arm.
It's those beautiful, yet easily passed over details that are so often missed in the big picture.
So this weekend, when you pull out the camera, try to capture the details....it makes the big picture all the more beautiful!

P.S..Don't forget that Christina is wrapping up our Progressive Dinner Party today with an amazing dessert!   If you haven't already, you definitely want to check out the Minty Peach Iced Tea from Kristi, Cucumber Pizza appetizers from Renee, Christa's Apricot Glazed Ham and the Cranberry Feta Chopped Salad and simple Crescent Rolls that I made.  It sure has been an awesome Progressive Dinner and I hope you enjoyed all the fun!

Linking up to Project 52 @ My3boybarians.  Last week's pic: Hunger


  1. Beautiful pictures, and a beautiful family :)

  2. PRECIOUS!!!!! I love this. So sweet to see your kiddos together! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. precious, sweet photos! great job! :)

  4. awww so sweet of the kids :) like the Bohken in th petal pics too.

  5. You captured the details very well--through words and in your pictures! LOVED this post--thanks for sharing! =){PS--your children are adorable!}

  6. Beautiful pictures, Laine! and you are so right, the details behind and in the shot do make it special! I am headed outside to capture my shot :)

  7. You have a beautiful family. Great job capturing the details.

  8. The kids are growing SO fast!!! Precious pictures. . . LOVE them! : )


  9. I love this post! It's definitely one of my favorites! Rereading this post makes me miss my siblings in a big way! And now you can't say I've never commented on your blog...lol. :) ~Melinda


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