Memo Board turned Hairbow Organizer

You gals all know that I'm a big fan of hairbows...remember Lucy's t-shirt, "The Bigger the Bow, the Better the Mama?" =P  Anyways, now that I have two little girlies, the amount of hairbows and headbands is insane.  Really.  (It's totally my fault though, I'm just a little obsessed with making them.)  But I have been SO tired of digging in the drawer for the right bow...it's very irritating, especially when you can't find the one you want!  

Well, a while back I saw this tutorial for a picture frame turned hairclip holder and I wanted to make one as soon as I found a frame.  But then the other week when I was out grocery shopping, I made a speedy trip through Goodwill and found this memo board for $2.99.  Forget making a hairbow holder...this was perfect!  
I seriously just took the price tag off, wiped it down and clipped the bows on.  Easy-peasy.  Very thankful for a cheap and simple solution to our hairbow chaos!  (Now to figure out what to do about all those headbands!!)

Although, while I was cleaning out the bow drawer, I found this little tiara that I had tucked away for Miss Lucy.  Cue the impromptu fashion show.....


I love this blurry one...cracks me up watching her cram her bib in her mouth!

"What in the world is that black thing??.....
 And why does she keep pointing it in my face?"

{cutest little girl EVER}

"Must have fingers!!"

I couldn't leave out her gigantic flower, which is like the mother of all hairbows!
"Whatcha lookin' at???"  

"Get your own propeller." 
HAhahaha =P

Anyways, I'm really happy with this memo board turned hairbow holder. It's so colorful and cheery to look at too!

Thank you Goodwill for the fabulous memo board and putting an end to our hairbow chaos!  

What's the hairbow status in your home?  Love them? Hate them?  Are yours all perfectly organized or are the hairbows taking over?


  1. I've been needing a larger area for our hairbows too!! I'll have to keep this in mind!

    That little girl is SO adorable!! Don't you just LOVE babies?!!!!

    Been meaning to make some of those...what are they called?...those burnt silk flower bows...yours look great!

  2. Laine, I laughed til I had tears in my eyes. The pictures are priceless. They would win a contest.

  3. Lucy is growing into her flower! It's still my all-time favorite hair accessory. SO CUTE. She really does have the greatest expressions.

    Oh, and your board is nice, too. ;-)

  4. She is just too darn cute! In a houseful of boys, I miss out on all the hairbow fun, although there's plenty of other chaos. Cute project and great pics! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Laine, I never did it, but I think this would work for headband storage. Cover an oatmeal carton with some pretty paper or shelf liner or contact paper. If they are the circular stretchy bands that would work great. If they are the 2/3 of a cirle kind, they might pop off, but it would be worth a try!

    1. Joan, the oatmeal can does work great! We made one several months ago, and the girls love it!

  6. What a great idea! I have a 5 year old and 1 year old girls- Bows/Clips are everywhere! I'm not crazy crafty, but THIS I can do. Also saw the Oatmeal carton idea on Pinterest for headbands- doing that too! PS- brand new follower to your blog!


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