Favorite Things Party

Last week I had the fun opportunity to attend a Favorite Things Party!  My friend Molly hosted it at her home and decorated everything so cute.  See the coffee table?...brown paper packages tied up with string!  Love.  
Everybody brought such yummy food!  We just sat around yapping, eating, laughing...definitely my kind of party! =)  Before my hubby became a pastor, I used to go to church with all but one of these gals.  I can't tell you how special it was to be invited even though I've been away from there for almost three years!  But they did say I could only come on one condition: I had to bring Lucy-loo.  =P 

Lucy and her Aunty Mimi {Amy}.  I love this picture! 

Since it was a "Favorite Things" party, we each brought a present.  See the lovely things I brought home?  

  • "Cleaning Kit" in a cute bucket filled with Mrs. Meyers, a spray bottle, "Mopping Music" CD, a sweet card, and recipes for homemade cleaners from Holly.  (LOVE the Mrs. Meyers...it smells wonderful!) 
  • Spray paint and a Goodwill gift card from Molly 
  • Beautiful turquoise scarf from Amy 
  • Brown and cream crocheted flower pins from Ashley 
  • Chalkboard pot with a cilantro plant and chocolate from Angela 
  • Turquoise chalkboard from Sarah (girl after my own heart...she loves chalkboards too!)
And what did I bring???  Well, I'm going to be mean and make you wait until tomorrow to see it.  Although if you go read Holly's blog, you'll see a tiny glimpse of what's in this package. =)

What would you bring to a Favorite Things party?


  1. I just came from Holly's blog so I got a sneak peak into your package. Love this party idea- I'm definitely going to tuck it away with our church ladies in mind. :)

  2. I love this party idea! Sounds SO fun!! And you got to take home some great stuff!

  3. Love it! Have a post coming in a few days about it too! Looking forward to our next one! Oh, and thanks for bringing Lucy Loo!

  4. I keep hearing about this idea and it looks like so much fun! =) Was there are price limit/range that the favorite things had to fall under or was it up to each individual? Just curious so I know for planning my own Favorite THings party! ;)

  5. Wow! This looks like so much fun! Time for me to start planning one of these parties!

  6. I am so jealous that you got to party with Holly! =) It looks like *Such* a fun idea, and what nice things you got to take home!

  7. Like Rachel, I'm also wondering about the guidelines for the party. Almost looks like the gifts were color-coordinated!

  8. Looks like FUN!!!! Now I'm inspired to have one of my own! :D

  9. It was so much fun! Thanks for your pretty gifts! I LOVE them!

  10. Oh I <3 Little Lucy-Loo!

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  12. Thanks for all your sharing! We readers come away with great ideas! It's a joy to read. :)


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