Duck Eggs

Isn't God's provision just amazing?

Last fall, after months of a persistent rash, we realized that my husband is allergic to eggs.  (Thankfully this is only a mild allergy...nothing like his anaphylactic reaction to that bee sting!)  He's always been an "eggs for breakfast" kinda' guy, and it's been hard finding an "egg-free" breakfast that will stick with him. 

Well, a few weeks ago, some sweet friends passed along some duck eggs that had been given to them.  Steven tried them and guess what? He's not allergic!  We were so excited but then started realizing, "Where can we get them?", and "How much do they cost?"  It's not like I can just run down to Walmart and buy a dozen!  

Long story short, the people who own the ducks said we could have the eggs for FREE.  Wow.  So this week they sent us two dozen duck eggs, along with 1.5 dozen chicken eggs!  

This carton was filled with different colored chicken eggs.  The robin's egg blue one is so pretty!  
 Lydia begged to hold the blue one! =)  
See those? Yep, those are the duck eggs.  To me they taste the same as chicken eggs.  I've been told that they are great for baking and make your muffins and things really moist. Can't wait to try it!
White = duck
Brown = chicken

It's so encouraging to me that God always cares and provides, even little things like eggs for my hubby's breakfast!  

God is so good...what blessings are you thankful for today?


  1. I love hearing stories and watching in my own life when God provides the "little" things. Really, they are the big things!
    We had a small farm growing up, and always had fresh eggs. They are so good for you! We had a hen who laid blue eggs too, and she was our only setter. We let her hatch a batch of her own one year, and was she ever proud! :) Sorry, I got carried away with "egg memories" haha! Enjoy those eggs!!

  2. Awesome to see God's provision. I had to comment on this one to ask, are the ducks are Muscovy ducks? We have Muscovys and the eggs are a bit "thicker" than chicken eggs. I haven't baked with them yet but need to try it. I just get a bit disturbed by that thick white part! :)

  3. wow, never thought of eating duck eggs :) they look just the same as the chicken eggs. yay for you hubby not being allergic to them and for God's provision! :)

  4. What a blessing! I'm always amazed by God's goodness in how He not only cares about our little needs (or wants) but chooses to provide for them. We have a supper at church every Wednesday night and in the last few weeks a very sweet lady has had cups of coffee for both Rudy and I. Her small act of generosity has blessed our hearts in a big way and it's neat to see the Lord provide through others giving hearts. Enjoy your eggs! =)

  5. Really?? My children are allergic to eggs! This is something I want to try!! It would be wonderful to use eggs again. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I am definitely a city girl, because I have never even heard of eating duck eggs. Or that they could be different colors!! So crazy!

  7. You are making me want ducks but my hubby would kill me. I've got three horses, two dogs, three cats, nineteen chickens, two bunnies and have hogs from time to time. :) No MORE, he says.

    We love the colorful eggs too!

    Jessie at JessieGunderson.com


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