Bringing Back Muffin Tin Tuesday

The other day I was looking through my blog archives and was reminded of when we used to have "Muffin Tin Tuesday."  My kids LOVED this, although back then it was just Lydia and Caleb! =)  Much to their delight, we've started this again.  It's so much fun to break out of the "peanut butter and jelly rut" and do something different.  It doesn't have to be fancy, I just put a something in each little cup and they think it's the awesomest thing ever!  Sometimes I've just cut up their sandwich in four pieces and put one in each hole and they love that too. 

Last week we had:

  • a slice of ham
  • a hardboiled egg
  • cucumber slices
  • pineapple
  • a few almonds
  • whole wheat bagel spread with peanut butter, topped with raisins, sprinkled with cinnamon and drizzled with honey

I don't have three small tins so Lydia and Caleb had to share a big one.  They were lining up pencils to divide the middle so their food wouldn't get eaten.  {rolling eyes}  I'm sure your kids never fight. {cough:cough}  =P
I think toddlers enjoy this the most, Levi just loved it!   

Go have some fun...think outside the box and serve up lunch (or any meal!) in a different way.  You're kids will think you're awesome! =)

What do you do to make lunch exciting for little ones?  Ever served lunch in a muffin tin?

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  1. Thanks for the great idea! We just did this for lunch today and my boys LOVED it. Something special for Tuesdays.

    --Jessica R.

  2. Very cute and fun idea. I'll have to remember it for grandchildren, because I think my kids are too old now to appreciate it.

  3. That's a pretty cool idea! It might get my almost 3 yr old out of the peanut butter sandwich and yogurt every. single. day. habit

  4. What a fun, creative way to make the ordinary fun and exciting! I think my kids would love it. Anything that gets us out of the rut is always fun!

  5. I had noticed that you had stopped doing this on Tuesdays. Anyhoo, I'm looking for tins for my kiddos. They would love it. Thanks.

    Btw, my kids would sooo use pencils too. ;)

  6. This is such a cool idea. I wish I'd thought of this back when my boys were small--they would have loved it! And of course they would never have fought over whose food was whose. 'Cause, you know, they never fought about anything. They were always little angels. Ahem.

    Your kiddos sure LOOK like angels, by the way!

    Thanks for joining Grace at Home! This post is a perfect example of the kind of post I'm hoping to attract with this party. :)


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