Project 52--Week 8: Cabin Fever

Rubber galoshes.
Around here they are the ultimate cure for cabin fever.
Rain, snow or shine, my kids can play outside.
Problem solved!
And yes, I know....
My two-year-old's boots are on the wrong feet.  
Little man wants to do things himself. =)

Hope you have a great weekend, friends!  And I hope the weather is as gorgeous where you are as it is here.  If  it's not and you're still stuck indoors, what's your cure for "cabin fever?"

Linking up to Project 52 with My3boybarians. Last weeks pic: True Love


  1. we get out whenever possible too. love this shot.

  2. Love rubber boots! I love dragging out my wellies when there are puddles on the ground. Unfortunately this morning we had a delayed start to school because of the snowfall. Which means real snowboots. Love the pic! Thanks for sharing.

  3. love the boots and color! and i love that you took the photo with your little one's boots on the wrong feet. such a sweet memory captured. :)

  4. Great shot! For some reason I love feet pictures! No worries on the backwards boots- my 3 year old does the same thing all the time.

  5. I love so much this photo : great idea !

  6. Ha ha!! Great photo! And..just for the record...little kids always have their shoes on the wrong feet. It's what makes them so cute!

  7. How funny. Great shot of the boots. I love that your son put them on the wrong feet. So cute. For the winter concert my ten year old ended up wearing two right feet of the same shoe. He and his brother are close in size. When I cleaned out the closet to get rid of the smaller pair I must have thrown out the two left feet. Life is good.

  8. Great photo! And it makes me think I need to get some rubber boots for my son. He would LOVE those Cars ones.

  9. love it! too cute! great way to interpret the assignment! :)


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