Okay, where's the hidden camera??

Did ya'll see this comic in the Sunday Paper?
Hubby and I had a conversation VERY similar to this not too long ago. 
So funny.
And weird.
On second thought, I'm gonna have to keep a closer eye on these funny papers.
{And check my house for tiny cameras hidden in the corners...............=) }

See this chicken?  
It's a polish frizzle.  
This is what my son looks like when he wakes up in the morning.
Don't you see a resemblance??  
Yep, I call him "my little frizzle."

See this stuff?  
This is how I tame my frizzle's son's hair.  
It's the ONLY thing that works. 
Suave's Detangling Spray = magic in a bottle! 

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So friends, how's your week going??


  1. That comic is HILARIOUS and eerily accurate--ha! ;)My Lucas' hair looks just like that in the mornings--I will have to give that detangling spray a try for sure!=) This post brough a smile to my face and made me laugh out loud--thanks for sharing! =)

  2. Oh my goodness, he is so adorable! His eyelashes kill me! :)

  3. This so reminds me of Sarah and her hair EVERY morning. April gave her a book Tangle Faries by Steve Tiller, you have to try and find it. It is a great illustraton of how children think that their hair gets tangled at night.

  4. Wade's is the same way! We normally just do the water bottle, comb routine, but I may have to give that one a try!!

  5. That De-tangling spray is the ONLY thing that would let me brush out the rat's nest behind my Reagan's head when she was a baby! Love that stuff!

  6. We call that hair....."GOOD MORNING!!!" hair. My son has it every morning. And once while being an altar server at out church....he was all angelic except for the two horns of hair out the back... Something to hang his halo from I guess....
    Cute pic!


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