My Weekend

Happy Monday, Friends!  Hope ya'll had a great weekend!  How many of you watched the Super Bowl??  Wasn't that just an intense ending??  Can't believe the Patriots lost to the Giants...again!

Anyways...back to the weekend stuff. On Friday our family had the opportunity to go spend the day at the Biltmore Estate. ( A friend of ours was given some free tickets and invited us.) Wow!  This place was SO amazing.  {more to come later!} 

On Saturday morning, we took our $5 off $5 coupons to Michaels and had fun!  I printed one for each of my kids and let them pick something.  They were so funny trying to make up their minds!  Caleb ended up with these little knights which are pretty cool.  There were battles taking place all day!

I got some yarn, a straw wreath and some felt for a whopping $0.79 after my coupon.  Can you guess what I'm making??  Oh yeah, and at the register the cashier goes, "Are those all yours?"  I started looking around like, "Is what all mine?  I didn't get that much stuff??"  And then I realized she was talking about my kids.  Yes, all those kids are mine, all four of them, thank-you-very-much.  People ask the craziest questions, cracks me up!

In the afternoon I purged a scary linen closet and washed up a stack of Miss Lucy's colorful (and cute!) cloth diapers.

Later I made a boatload of cinnamon rolls.  Mmmmm....the house smelled SO good!  It was really late when I got done though.  Can you see the clock?  10:50.  Yep.  And see the pan that's half devoured??  I may or may not have contributed to that...I plead the 5th ammendment. =)

I had big plans to take a pan of these to Sunday School and package up the others to give to some people "just because."  Well, my plans were foiled when our six year old decided to get sick in the middle of the night.  Poor fella! =(  He spent all day on the couch.  Or running to the bathroom. Or not making it all the way there. {yuck}  Let's just say that the hallway has now been scrubbed top to bottom!  This was one of the few times he actually sat up yesterday and that was during the super bowl!  

This little {big} gal was all alone at church with daddy yesterday.  He told her she could sit with whoever she wanted and in each service she picked a widow. She told me they always looked lonely and she wanted to cheer them up.  I was so proud of her. =)

Even though our plans to have friends over to watch the big game were ruined because of sickness, we still had some fun food!  I made "Cheeseburger Soup" for the first time and it was delish!  I took this crockpot recipe and Edie's recipe and made a hybrid.  My family loved this!

For dessert I made dark chocolate brownies and topped them with ganache made from these dark chocolate mint chips.  Wowsers....these were ah-mazing!

Guess what else I learned this weekend??  Eating dark chocolate M&M's means.....

....that this little peanut wants to party all. night. long.  Ugggh.  Sleep or dark chocolate, that's a tough decision!!! =P

So....how was your weekend???


  1. I love that last picture of Lucy! So cute!
    And I get asked about our four kids all the time too. It is sad that four children are considered a big family. It wouldn't have been about 40 years ago. We always smile and say, "yes they are a blessing from the Lord!"

  2. Wow, how do you fit it all in? Kudos on a productive weekend!

  3. Referring to the "Are they all yours?" question. I've gotten that too, but on Saturday as I was getting the kids out of the car someone told me we looked like one of those clown cars where there is a never-ending amount of people getting out. I don't think he meant it to be mean, but it was a curious thing to say.

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  5. We grew up going to the Biltmore. My Grandfather worked in the ice cream department many years ago, and after he retired, our family got free tickets every year. :) Love that place- family memories there!

  6. Okay weird! I follow a friend from TN's blog and her Monday post was about going to the Biltmore and her post began with Hi friends how was your weekend? Ha! Funny! I am thinking I need to make some cinnamon rolls since I had already been thinking about it and yours look so good! I will be raiding your blog for the recipe just in case I might find it to try a new one. God bless!

  7. I grew up just a few miles from the Biltmore Estate...so sorry the little man was so sick...

    Have a lovely day!

  8. wow!
    -can't wait to see your wreath! :)
    -Biltmore house - never been but it's on our list of places we would like to go
    -mmm... those cinnamon rolls look good, time for me to make another batch! :) PW recipe? or have you tried any others?
    -super cute diapers ;)
    -brownie recipe?? :)
    - and love how your oldest sat with the widow at church - good training her mama! :)

  9. So sorry for you little guy and I hope he didn't share! Even I am proud of your daughter...So wonderful she is learning to care about the hearts of others like that.

    My bread doesn't tempt me, but I can't leave cinnamon rolls alone... or pie. ;-) Yours look very tasty!

  10. So funny...I have to admit in my bleary-eyed state I saw 5th ammendment and read 5th commandment! I was thinking..."the kiddos let her eat 1/2 a pan as a way of honoring her?" Giving away a couple of Fuzzi Bunz on my blog this week...drawing is Friday! Great Blog!


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