Valentine's Decor

I almost didn't decorate for Valentines, but I'm so glad I did!  I love Valentine's day...hope I never get over being romantic. =)  As usual I tried to keep it simple and just used what I had!
See the Eiffel Tower on my fantle??

Okay, so I'm letting you in on a little secret here...I sort of have an obsession with the Eiffel Tower and France.  Do you ever dream of going up on the Eiffel Tower with your Honey? Have any of you ever been to Paris? Well, I have been to Paris and been to the very top.  With my hubby. Only it wasn't very romantic because he wasn't my hubby at the time. Boo. One day he's taking me back and I'm getting my smooch at the top of the Eiffel Tower!!  {cough:cough...are you reading this, Honey?}  

Anyways...Monsieur Eiffel usually resides in our room but I brought it out for Valentines. =)  In the center is a printable I found on The Frugal Homemaker. It says, "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my Valentine you'll be."  Love this!  I didn't have a frame the right size so I just matted it with some polka dot scrapbook paper.  I also made a quick and easy "Love" banner with fabric scraps, a sharpie marker and some yarn.  Easy-peasy.  Although it's looking a little saggy in this picture...gotta fix that. =)

Yep, I've got the french thing going on over here too.  I found this a few years ago on clearance at Hobby Lobby for about $2.00 I think.  

My two year old is cracking me up.  He keeps pointing at this and asking where the "L" is.  No clue what he's talking about! 

Made these "love letters" last year for my hubby.  =)  I kept it and put it out again this year!

In the kitchen on the open shelving above the coffee maker, I put some scrabble letters out and we've been making messages to each other.  See the little creamer pitcher in the corner?  The extra tiles are in there. We are loving this!  Definitely have to be creative so the message will fit on the little holder!  

My hubby is so funny, the other day I put "U R sweet."  I went back out there a few minutes later and it said, "True."  Crazy guy.  But just another reason why I'm crazy about him. =)

Do you have any "lovey-dovey" decor around your house?  Any big plans for Valentine's Day?  And I've gotta know...do you dream of going to the Eiffel with your man?


  1. We may be going to the Eiffel Tower on V-day, but not if it is as cold as it is today! Only 7 degrees with the wind chill. Love the decor! :-)

  2. Looks great! LOVE the scrabble tile idea--especially b/c Rudy and I enjoy playing scrabble games together!=)

  3. Love the 'making messages' Scrabble tray you're doing! So sweet!

  4. Love your vday decor! And the "true" comment made me smile! I have to ask HOW it happened that you were at the Eiffel Tower with him pre hubby state? Weren't even dating or anything?

  5. Love the creative ideas! Especially the Scrabble tiles!

    My 2 year old knows his letters and I'm just wondering if you told your little guy that "amour" means "love" in French...is that why he's trying to find the L for love?

  6. Love it, Laine! All of it! I still am in awe of your photography - can I come take lessons?? :)

    I want to hear the Eiffel Tower story too! :) I remember a little of your dating but don't remember a trip to Paris?

    Love the scrabble letters messages! Gotta do something like that with hubby. I had someone suggest dry erase marker on the mirror in the morning and that would work well for us right now since we both get up at different times (me most of the time after he is gone to work) So I am going to pick up some markers and see if I can get him to participate too - if not I will have fun with it :)

  7. Wondering if maybe you have any book by Louis L'amour??? and that's what he means by "where's the "L"?"

  8. Wondering if maybe you have any book by Louis L'amour??? and that's what he means by "where's the "L"?"


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