The Toilet Paper Experiment

You know you've reached an all time low when you start blogging about toilet paper.  =P

But I couldn't stop myself from sharing!  I know, I know, it's toilet paper, but keep reading. It's worth it....promise!

A few months ago I realized that the toilet paper usage in our house was way out of control.  WAY. I try to be as frugal as possible so I would buy the bargain toilet paper at Walmart like this.....


....or the big packs like this that you can get for good deals at CVS.................  

.....or whatever happened to be a good deal with coupons that week.  We are not "toilet paper snobs" so any brand was fine with us.

Then one night when my hubby was on his way home from work, I asked if he could pick up some toilet paper.  Well, he brought home a roll that looked very similar to this: 


It was a 1-ply/1000 sheet roll for about $0.99.  At first I was like, "What?? You paid $1.00 for one roll of toilet paper???"  To me, it seemed outrageous.  But, he's a smart guy and he was on to something.

At that time, our family was going through a roll of toilet paper about every 1.5 days.  In BOTH bathrooms. Insane! That's a lot of toilet paper people! (Seriously, were my kids eating it or something??)  If you run the math, that's 9.3 rolls of toilet paper a week!!  And for instance, if I paid $4.00 for a 12-pack of double rolls (which is a pretty good price), I was still spending $3.10 a week on toilet paper.  Yikes!  I do realize that since we homeschool we are here all day every day, and kids are notorious for using excessive amounts of toilet paper, but still, that is way too much!

Okay, now back to that uber-expensive roll of toilet paper that my hubby bought.  We put it in the hall bathroom, which gets the most traffic, and it lasted a full week.  What in the world?? I was completely shocked! 

Well, after that I decided to continue the experiment.  I bought a pack of this toilet paper from Aldi for $2.49:

It's a no-frills package, just 4-1000 sheet/1-ply rolls of toilet paper.  It lasted three weeks!!!  For real.  I bought this particular package two weeks ago and took this picture yesterday.  There's still two rolls in it.  Even if it only lasts three weeks, that's just $0.83 per week!

So, there you have it...our great toilet paper experiment that resulted in a savings of roughly $2.27 a week.  Makes this momma super happy! 

P.S...I promise never to blog about toilet paper again. 
Have a great weekend, Friends!!  

Are you brave enough to share how much TP your family goes through in a week?  Was it just us, or do you wonder if your kids are eating it too??


  1. This made me laugh, because I am currently drafting a post about toilet paper and paper towels...now I can post it confidently....haha! Not quite the same direction of topic, but just sharing how God provided TP for our family in an amazing and funny way.

    I control our TP usage by not letting our kids use it themselves. They are only 5 and 3, though, so our day is coming. :)

  2. This is hilarious! YES! I have wondered if we had TP eating kids in our home too!

  3. I thought we were doing well at using just one double roll a day when there were 4 of us! We use less now that we're only 3. Will have to try the Willow brand at Aldi. We use Charmin Basic which is one ply and not super soft like their regular brand. I buy $6 for a big package...I think it's 12 double rolls. As for paper towels, we have a stack of kitchen cloths that we wipe the counter with. I use about 2 or 3 of those every day and wash them once a week. It really cuts down on the amount of paper towels we use.

  4. so is it just the fact that it is 1 ply therefore more on the roll?? so it lasts longer?

    I got some of the Marcal (the small 4 packs) free with coupon but I keep that up in our bathroom cause it is sort of rough, etc.

    I keep Charmin or CVS brand of Charmin in the 1/2 bath downstairs for visitors :)

    We used to never use up toilet paper. seriously we could go 2 weeks on 1 roll. But I was only at home 2 days a week, so many days a week no one was using any. :) Now with me home all the time, and watching kids 1-2 days a week, my toilet paper stash is disappearing fast.

    I have always wondered about trying out Aldi brand. if I can't find any good coupon deals when I run out, I will try it. :)

  5. I have done this same thing. We have 7 in our family and it has been proven the 1 ply toilet paper is definitely best for us because it does last longer AND you don't have to worry as much about the kids clogging the commodes with the excessive amounts of the "luxurious" triple ply extra soft stuff. And by the way, Aldi is awesome!

  6. that's the kind we buy....I have noticed that the thinner the toilet paper is the less we use...someone gave me a big pack of walmart fluffy toilet paper last week(she got it on sale) and 6 rolls made it one week.....of course we did have colds that week but still that was a lot of toilet paper in one week so I am sticking with my aldi's toilet paper!

  7. Hmmm, this is interesting stuff to consider. We definitely like that soft stuff but I might need to check out Aldi's!

  8. Wow... You have me thinking now. Is it that everyone hates it, so they use less? I always thought everyone would use more to make up for the lack of thickness. That clogging issue is a pain...and an expensive, unnecessary use of the TP.

  9. When we lived in the States, we used Scott 1,000 sheet rolls. It is not the cheapest or the softest, but it lasts the longest! Now we live in Canada, and we pay just as much for teeny rolls...our family of 8 goes thru 4 rolls a day! Whenever we go to the States we load up on TP, haha! Its quite a sight! Who knew TP could be such an interesting topic! :)

  10. cute! Your post does make me want to do an experiment. I have a 14 year old wo goes thru more toilet paper than his dad and I do put together!!

    I linked here from Jackie's (Keeping Sane). She is my niece.

  11. I wandered over here from Pinterest, I love your blog, and this post made me laugh. Sounds exactly like something I'd do - lol. Although, I'm pretty sure my husband would hide a high quality roll some place for just his use...


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