Our Wonky Christmas Tree

I have a confession. I've always been little OCD about the Christmas tree.  I stare and stare at it and rearrange those crazy ornaments a bazillion times.  It always has had to be "just right."  Every year our kids help us put up the ornaments and every year I rearrange it all as soon as they are in bed.  (Terrible, I know!)  

Well, call me a slacker if you want, but this year I let them decorate the whole thing (I only helped with lights and ribbon) and I haven't touched it!  Not one thing.  Well, okay, I did move a few breakable items higher, but that's it.
And you know what's funny?  I've enjoyed this tree so much more.  (It really doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful!)

We bought this ornament on our honeymoon in Gatlinburg, TN.  {smile}  Hard to believe this is it's 10th Christmas on the tree!

I love this snowman family...it's my very favorite ornament now!  Some sweet friends in our church went on vacation and brought this back for us a few days after Lucy was born. Call me silly, but it's a treat for me to actually have my name on something!  I was always so jealous of all the kids in 2nd grade who had those special pencils with their name on it.  I mean really, didn't the pencil people know a "Laine" existed???  But nooo....they never made one with my name! {sniffle:sniffle} It's okay.  Really.  I'm not bitter or anything.  =)

See that silver bell?  I've been hanging on to it ever since our church gave us a wedding shower after we were married.  They had bells on all the tables and would ring them when they wanted us, the new bride and groom, to smooch. {blush}  

Steven's grandmother made this ornament to replicate one we had seen years ago in Germany.  She made us many different ones with other colors of glitter and beads.  They are so beautiful and unique!

See that??  These are hanging on the very bottom of one side of the tree.  Cracks me up every time I look at it. (Told you my tree was wonky!)  

Yep, not gonna win any "prettiest tree of the year" awards, but hey, I like my wonky tree.  Just pretend you can't see down the hall into the boys room and see that it's a mess, okay?  (Next time maybe I'll try to preserve the "perfect housewife" image and shut the door.) 

Lucy loves to look at the tree...and doesn't mind that it's a little crazy.  =)

One of my favorite things in the whole, wide world is to  plug in the tree, turn all the lights off and snuggle on the couch with my hubby.  Add some hot chocolate and you have a perfect evening! =)

What's your favorite ornament?  And are you a perfectionist when it comes to your tree, or do you just let it go and enjoy?  

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  1. Girl, who is a perfect housewife?!?!?!? Never met her. :D Your tree is awesome and your little Lucy is better than any perfectly decorated tree or cleaned boys' room. LOVE. :)

  2. Beautiful tree, Laine! I always loved having a perfect tree in the past with a million strings of light. I'm amazed we never had a fire! When my girls were little, they always enjoyed having their own little tree to decorate with their own ornaments. This year I only put silver and gold ornaments on our (live) tree, so my daughter decorated a tree in our living room with all her ornaments. She did a great job and enjoyed doing it as I sat in the living room with her while she decorated it. Gonna have to post about that! Hope you are enjoying the season!

  3. love your tree wonky and all! :) the 3 ornaments at the bottom crack me up but they will be a treasured memory for you. :)

    You are doing good even having a tree up 2-3 weeks after giving birth :)

    Oh, love your tree skirt too - looks very pretty!

  4. Pretty tree! Beautiful baby girl! Great word...wonky! Love it!

  5. Wonky tree? Oh girl...if you want to see a wonky tree you have to head over my way!! :)


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