Newborn Pics

I took some pictures of our little Lucy-loo that I've been dying to share!!  They were going to be gifts for the grandparents for Christmas, but since they all are so sweet and read this little ole' blog, I couldn't show you before!  These two are my absolute favorites.......

{8 days old}

{4 weeks old}
We were doing some things to our computer a few weeks ago and realized that in less than two years I've taken over 15,000 pictures.  (Not including the other 1,500 I've added in the last month.) Oops.  But I'm thinking my photography fetish is not going to get any better with this little cutie pie around!

I know I've said it before, but I'm quite sure newborns are the greatest things in the whole wide world. =)


  1. Love the pictures!! The first one especially.

    On another note, how do you store/save all your pictures? I really need to do something with mine :)

  2. LOVE THEM!!! Ummm...are you for hire?!! :)


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