Holiday Fantle

I finally, finally finished my fantle!!  Had hoped to have it done yesterday in time for all the awesome bloggy parties, but right now, just having anything up on my "fantle" seems like an amazing feat when I have a newborn!  So yeah, late or not, I'm happy with it. =)

My dearly beloved, giant of a piano is my "fantle" that I decorate for all seasons.  (Remember faux + mantle = "fantle?")  Christmas is my absolute favorite though!  

This year, I bought zero, zilch, nada for decorating. I dug through all my boxes and just used what I already had. Have to say, it was so nice to get those creative juices flowing again!  Haven't done anything with crafts or decorating since Lucy was born so I really enjoyed myself!

I'm loving my monogram wreath!  It seriously took all of 3 minutes to make. I just took one of those gold monograms (from Hobby Lobby) and wrapped it in some cheapo-plasticky garland and pinned it in place with straight pins.  Then I looped a strip of burlap around it and pinned it behind the mirror with an upholstery tack. Voila!

These lanterns from Ikea are one of my very favorite things to decorate with.  I use them for just about every season. (You can see them used here and here.)  Lanterns are so cozy!

Several years ago I made these glass hurricanes with vases from the Dollar Tree.  For the taller ones, I used wooden candlesticks that I spray painted black and then glued on with E-600 glue.  The base for the shorter one is just a glass candlestick from the dollar store.  

To make them "Christmas-y", I put a glass candle (also from the Dollar Tree) in the center and then poured Epsom Salt around it.  Then I scavenged some berries from off some sprigs that I had and dropped them down in the hurricane. They really look lovely at night with the candles glowing and the epsom salt glittering like snow.  Gorgeous!

The pinecones are from our yard, my boys are always bringing them to me.  Such sweet little fellas...they know how to make their momma happy. =)  These particular ones are so big and full, I think they look like Christmas trees!
{Seriously want to paint this piano!}

My two year old, Levi, asked as soon as he woke up this morning to light the candles for him.  I promised to at dinnertime. But I'm thinking we should just light these every evening...won't it be so special and cozy?

Do you have a "fantle" or a "mantle?"  Do you dress it up for the holidays?  


  1. I have a mantle :) but I love everyone's "fantles" too. :)

    Love your fantle, Laine!

    the monogram wreath is super cute and I love the lanterns as well. :)

  2. Very nice! Love the "C" :)

    BTW, I think the piano wood colour is lovely....but I'm a big fan of wood...probably because we have a purple piano in our church basement. Love purple, but not on a piano! hehe

  3. Love it! Especially the glass hurricanes with berries and epsom salts. Beautimous!!!

  4. This has inspired me to empty my fireplace mantle and start fresh. I have an old antique mirror in my basement that I was going to toss out. Now instead I am going to bring it up and have it lean on the mantle and decorate the area! I'm excited to put it all together and post a pic on my own blog! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I love it! I was hoping to have a shelf in time for Christmas to act as a fantel but that didn't happen so I'm using the top of my hutch. Way to make what you have work for you. Your decor is beautiful, I'm also decorating a lot with pinecones. :)

  6. Wow, you did this with a newborn? You are one talented lady! : ) The evergreen initial is so cute. I love it all! Great job and thanks for linking up!


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