DIY: Dry-Erase Message Board

Remember about 2+ weeks ago when I told you that I would be back that Friday to share a quick and easy project with you?  Yeah, well, that didn't happen.  I had more important things to do. You know, like have a baby.  (I think that's a pretty good excuse, don't you?)  =)

So anyways, back to that quick and easy project.....

The Saturday before Lucy was born, I received this text message from my friend Amy:

"Are you up for helping me with a project tonight?"
Me: What sort of project?
Amy: I'm making a dry erase board out of a picture frame.  I have everything, I just want some help putting it together."
Me: Sure!

So she and her hubby came over, we put our little people to bed, ate a fabulous "grown-ups only" dinner...steak, baked sweet potatoes, salad and homemade apple pie.  So yummy!!!  Once we were sufficiently stuffed we set to work! =)
We started with this awesome frame that she bought at Goodwill for $2.99.

After removing the picture and matting, we covered the cardboard backing with scrapbook paper, adhering it with good ole' scotch tape.  Using other pieces of scrapbook paper, a printed calendar and some monogram stickers (these were actually named "thickers"), she divided the board into different sections.  

It's not the best picture, but you can see that she has a calendar, a bulleted list for notes and a place for her weekly menu. (She used black and white chalk markers for writing.)

Love her shout out to Gary and Elaine! HA!  (check out Catalog Living if you don't know who they are....it's hilarious!)

 And do you see the Cruise marked off on her calendar??  That's not just up there for fun, she went for real! And now she's probably all tan and looking amazing while I sit here all white and pasty.  No, I'm not jealous or anything.....=)

So there you have it, a picture frame turned Custom Dry-Erase Message Board.  The best part?  This project was under $10 and took less than an hour!  Hooray for organization that is frugal and pretty!  

I've already got my own in the works for our office....if only it would get warm enough to break out the spray paint!

How do you keep up with your "lists" and appointments?  Do you like keeping your "to-do's" where you can see them?

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  1. Love this - so fun!! I didn't know Amy was into crafting but with you as her friend, of course she is. :)

    where did she find the chalk markers?? I have looked everywhere down here - Michael's/Hobby Lobby. They look at me like I am crazy when I ask about then LOL! :)

  2. This is soooo cute and practical too... Fabulous!! And fancy grown ups only dinner sounds pretty rad too!


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