Simple Baby Girl Headband Tutorial

Happy Monday friends....hope ya'll had a great weekend!  I woke up Saturday bursting with energy and was thrilled to get a bunch done! (Like canning 16 quarts of applesauce and 9 pints of pumpkin butter, making an apple pie, etc., etc.)

But enough of that. Can you tell that I'm beyond ecstatic to be having a baby girl again?  Yes, yes I am.  It's SO much fun to make things for girls.  I love my boys, they are awesome, but it's not like you can really dress them up, you know?  (And you certainly can't make them dresses, or cutesy-flowery burp cloths!)  Coming from a family of ALL boys (did you know I have 6 brothers???), I appreciate all things girly!  

This last week I had some fun making hair accessories for our newest princess.  Even though my babies have all had heads full of hair, it's still not quite enough to keep a hair bow completely secure.  Simple solution: stretchy headbands!  With some soft, stretchy, lace elastic and my sewing machine, I was able to whip up some little headbands in a matter of minutes.   

Here's how you can do it:
1.  Buy some knit lace elastic.  (I think this package was $1.29 @ Hobby Lobby.)
2.  Cut your elastic to the desired size.  (A "normal" sized newborn head is around 13-14" so I cut mine at 14".)
3.  Pin right sides together and sew a seam ( I did a 3/8" seam allowance)...be sure to backstitch!
4.  Trim the ends and voila!, you have a simple, stretchy, lacy headband for your sweetie-pie!

Now that you have your headbands, it's time to accessorize!  Below are some links to tutorials of the different flowers I've made for our baby girl.  (Just a note:  I decided to attach all of my flowers to alligator clips and just clip them on the headbands over the seam.)

{Box Fold Felt Flower}
{Wool Hair Accessories}
{Rolled Fabric Flowers}
{Satin Flowers}
{Won't she look darling in this?}

Go whip out your materials and have some fun!  Make some for your girls, some larger ones for you....just be creative, you never know what you could come up with.  But I warn you, these flowers are all so cute.  And addictive.  It's hard to make just one!!  =)   

Do you love making hair accessories for your girls or yourself?  Any favorite links you'd like to share?


  1. Laine these are beautiful! Since we had another girl I've made quite a few little flowers for her head and bookmarked many of the same flowers that you posted here.

    Sigh...love, love, love little girls!!!!

  2. awww - LOVE these! If I was having a baby AND a little girl, I would so be doing the same thing! :) My favorite is the purple with the gray leaves.

    And I want to see the ones you made too! :)

    A friend at my job that I just quit (not sure how to word this, couldn't say co-worker?? :) made a bunch of headbands during her maternity leave last month. She used the wide stretchy lace some if it almost looked knit too. And made flowers and then just used ribbon tied around the actual headband for a big bow.

    So cute! I love dressing up my little nieces - too fun!

  3. See...why can't I come up with amazing color combo's like this!! I love it!! I like making these, but I lack color inspiration, lol!!

    Great post, thank you for sharing! I always enjoy reading your posts. I'm gladly awarding you the "Getting to know you" Award. You can visit my page if you'd like to participate! Enjoy your day.

  4. So pretty!!! Thanks for the ideas, love them!

  5. So cute!!! Yes, girls are so much more fun to dress up!!! And can we talk about second hand clothing options?? Crazy!
    I need to check out those links since I just made my first felt flower the other day! Could use some more techniques in my new skill, ha ha!


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