Pumpkin Patch 2011

Ever since my children were itty-bitty, we've been taking them to this same family owned farm. It's tradition! In the summer we pick strawberries, buy buckets of peaches, and when fall rolls around we always go back for our pumpkins. (Seems like we always go on Halloween too!)  This year we just made a day of it...pumpkin patch, picnic at the farm, Ikea {squeal}, Bass Pro shop (for my hubby, of course), Dunkin' Donuts (pumpkin spice latte, anyone?) and  home again.  We had SO much fun...family time is the best!

{kisses for their baby sister}

{our little fall pumpkin}
Lydia took the pictures of Steven and I....not too bad!

{cheesy grins}

{love little boys in cowboy boots}

{my handsome men...swoon}

What are your fall traditions?  Do you make a yearly trek to the pumpkin patch? 


  1. Great! Love the preggo with pumpkin shots! Such a cute looking family!

  2. Love the pictures! Especially the feet one AND the pics of you and your hubby...HILARIOUS!!!! =) I think fall and winter pictures are my favorite!


  3. awww - you get the best pictures!! :) Love these! :) And yes family days are very fun - still smile when I think about our fall leaf date :)

  4. Love the pictures!! Sounds like you had a wonderful time together. Been thinking about you lately as you get close to your due date. Hope everything is going well! {aside from the ankle injury} :)


  5. What a wonderful day! I can't believe you did all those things in one day. That's a lot! You have a beautiful family. Great photos!

  6. We do go to the pumpkin patch each year ... and each year, my son pulls the stems off the pumpkins I have set outside for decoration. Every.single.year. And he's 12!!!!! and still doing that!!! What kind of camera do you have, you take some awesome pics.

  7. Such cute pics!! Love the kiddos grins and the pumpkin belly shots!!


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