Monday Drive-By

Today's my first day flying solo with all four munchkins, and our first day back homeschooling. {eek!}

Lucy is such a peach.  So very sweet and pleasant.

She's nursing like a champ, every three hours around the clock.  Consequently, I sleep nap in 1 1/2-2 hour spurts through the night.
So thankful I cooked like a crazy lady and stashed so much food in our freezer.  I don't think I could handle a newborn, homeschooling and cooking dinner right now.
My little Levi is back to his happy little self. (Hallelujah!)  

Tonight is date night with my hubby, yay!!

I think to cope with all the huzza of today I need to make these muffins.  Not a want, a need.  There's a difference. =) Maybe I'll add some coconut to them. Mmmmm
Thanks for reading the most boring blog post ever.  Ya'll are awesome.

Happy Monday Friends!

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  1. Not a boring post at all! I always like hearing the day in/day out events people have to share :)


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