Look who's here!

Little Miss Lucy arrived Friday evening at 5:58pm, weighing in at 5lb. 14oz. and was 21 1/4" (!!) long.  

We are completely smitten with this adorable little peanut....she is just so precious.  

She loves to snuggle and we are more than happy to oblige. =)

Right now we are just hanging out, trying to adjust to life with 4 kids. {gulp}

Lydia and Caleb are just fine, thrilled to death with their baby sister.  They want to hold her 24/7.

Levi on the other hand is just not himself.  He's weepy and clingy and well, acting like the typical two year old! 

Oh yeah, he asked if we got Lucy from a yard sale....and said she sounds like a kitten.  Hilarious!  (I'm thinkin' that my love of yard sales has now warped my child! HA!)

{soaking in some sunshine}

Hopefully I'll have her birth story for you in the next couple of days.  

It was amazing and crazy and wonderful. I can't wait to tell it....God is just so good.

Time to go feed the little princess. Again.  

Life sure is sweet!


  1. Another doll is born! :) so glad it was a good delivery! She's adorable!

  2. Congratulations! She is just so tiny and beautiful! God is good!

  3. So beautiful!!! It is so hard on two year olds when the new little one comes home. Jason was just like that when we brought Annalyn home. It 'should' get better. At first 4 kids was quite daunting for us, but it got easier. Now we just say, "you get the boys, and I get the girls!" Two for hubby and two for me!

  4. Oh how sweet and precious! Congratulations and Blessings!

    Have a lovely Monday!

  5. She's darling! Congratulations and enjoy those snuggles! : )

  6. Congratulations to you and your husband on the arrival of your special little blessing!

  7. Congratulations! She is gorgeous!

  8. Congratulations! She is beautiful! Love the yard sale comment! :)

  9. cOnGrAtUlAtIoNs!! She is so precious. Ah, snuggling with a newborn...enjoy every moment. :0)

  10. Woohoo...congratulations!!! She is so cute! And I FINALLY know what her name is! =)


  11. Welcome, Lucy! So happy for a safe delivery! Love you all!


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