Black Friday

It's tradition around here...the day after Thanksgiving means pumpkin pie and coffee for breakfast, little people included.  (They get decaf, of course!)  Our kiddos seriously look forward to this all year long.  That one time a year that they get to partake in the "adult-ish" bliss of their very own cup of coffee!!  

I flavored it with pumpkin pie spice creamer, added some whipped cream and sprinkled it with cinnamon.  Hey, if you only get to partake once a year, you mine as well have "the works."  (And wouldn't it be great if the whipped cream lasted more than 30 seconds before melting....I'll keep dreaming!)  I did harass them a good bit yesterday that I was going to make them drink it black.  You can guess how well that went over. =)

Ahhhh....the first sip....after a whole year of waiting!

Levi wasn't too big on the coffee.  He said it was yuck.  And then proceeded to accidentally knock it over, spilling it everywhere.  Which of course was followed by cries for more of the coffee that he didn't even like.  Go figure!  

While our "Black Friday" tradition may be dessert for breakfast, I know loads and loads of people are out shopping.  NO THANK YOU!!  I don't like traffic.  I don't like crowds.  And I don't want to stand in  line for hours. (My bladder just can't handle that anymore....but not that you wanted to know that.  Ahem.)

While I can sort of understand the madness of Black Friday since I'm a bargain lover, I was shocked this year that the shopping frenzy was starting on Thursday!!  On the day when we are supposed to be celebrating what we are thankful for, people are consumed with buying more stuff!  A little crazy if you ask me.

I have to confess though, my hubby did make a quick trip out last night around 8:00pm.  We found out last week that our local Once Upon A Child was having their entire stock of FuzziBunz cloth diapers for 40% off.  Wowsers!  Since we use cloth diapers and I've been eyeing these for Miss Lucy, this was just one deal we couldn't pass up.  These FuzziBunz diapers  are usually 19.95 and we got them for $12 a piece.  Woo-hoo!!  This pic that we snapped with my hubby's phone doesn't do these diapers justice, the colors are so cute!

Having never shopped on Black Friday (and now Thursday!), I had NO idea how crazy it could be.  My husband took out his phone and shot this video as he was leaving Once Upon a Child.  The entrance to Toys R Us was about 50 yards to the right of where the video begins.  I seriously couldn't believe how many people would be out there waiting for it to open!  It's kind of dark and a bit bumpy (he was holding it at waist level trying to be discreet), but wow, I was shocked at all the people!

Alright now, 'fess up!....how many of you LOVE the madness of Black Friday and are thrilled to participate, or are you like me and would rather sit at home feasting on pumpkin pie?? =)  For those of you who braved the insanity, what deals did you find?


  1. Love the pie for breakfast idea. I just had sweet potato pie for lunch! Yum! I'm always bummed too when my whipped cream melts. I tell myself there's no calories in it after that happens!

  2. I love Black Friday shopping!! ;) It has become a family tradition. :) We don't always stand in long lines (maybe the first store) and it is crowded but I have never seen a fight. :) Great deals, watching the sun come up as we move from store to store, Starbucks, sore feet - so much fun. :)

    But dessert for breakfast sounds good too! :)

  3. We do the pie for breakfast (the day after) too!! Only this year we did it for Canadian Thanksgiving, and we warmed up all three kinds of pie we had had the day before (apple, pumpkin, pecan). The kids think it's just the best!
    Black Friday....no such thing here, but if we lived in USA I would probably get up early and go...but standing in lines, and staying out all night? No, thank you! ;)


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