Fancy-Schmancy Baby Burp Cloth Tutorial

Did any of you guess "Burp Cloths" when I gave you a sneak peak yesterday??  That's what I LOVE about these burp cloths...they don't look like your typical burp cloth. {Yes, I know my baby will spit all over these, but hey, sure is nice to have a cute rag on my shoulder!}

I made these with scraps of fabric (from the quilt and other projects) and white terry cloth.  They are extremely simple to make using only the most basic of sewing skills.  Also, making one from start to finish took me less than 10 minutes.  I love quick projects!  

Here's how you can make one!

1.  Cut 1-11"x17" piece of terry cloth and 1-11"x17" piece of cotton fabric.  (You can make these any size....just the size that worked out for the fabric scraps I had.)

2.  Place right sides together and pin.

3.  Sew with a 3/8" seam allowance all the way around, but leaving a place to turn inside out.  

4.  Turn inside out and press.  When ironing, fold under the open place and pin.  

5.  Top stitch with a 1/4" seam allowance.  Gives it such a nice, "finished" look!  (Tip: I changed my top thread to coordinate with my fabric while leaving my bobbin white so it didn't show on the top-stitching.)

6.  Roll it up, tie it with a bow and give it as a gift! {That momma will be so happy!} Or just enjoy using it on your own wee spitter. =)

You can get really creative when making these too!  With this one, my piece of umbrella fabric wasn't wide enough so I pieced it with the polka dot scraps. {Don't you think umbrellas are so appropriate for a burp cloth??}  This is my favorite one!

Hope you enjoy making these "Fancy-Schmancy" burp cloths as much as I did...they can be a little addictive!  =)


  1. These are so cute!!! I would have loved some like these for sure! Do you have an Etsy shop, cuz you should!! I just bought an overpriced camera strap cover this weekend there... you could be making a killing on all this cuteness you create!! :)

  2. Was hoping to make this this week, where did you get the terry cloth? I've never sewed before but we have a sewing machine so I'm REALLY new to all of this. Thanks for your help! Any other advice would be helpful too =)


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