Time Doesn't Obey


Wishing time would freeze and keep her a little girl.



The twirling and skipping from here to there....



the singing...the dancing...the silliness.


Baby dolls and dress up clothes.


But time doesn’t obey me.



…..it swiftly passes and softly whispers,

“Stop, and cherish these moments.”

Any of you momma's get teary eyed thinking of your babies growing up?  Do you have any special things you do with your children to slow down and enjoy these precious days?

(She loves her birthday dress....you can find the tutorial here.)


  1. SO with you on this post!! We can't have any more and I'm keenly aware of all the firsts and lasts. We take TONS of photos, videos, and I have a special book where I write all the cute things they say. I never go anywhere without my camera! lol I also make a Shutterfly photo book of each Christmas so we can look at the pics from year to year.

  2. Hello Laine:

    I have read your blog for about a year now and this is the first time I have posted. I really enjoy reading about your family and home. I live in San Diego and wish I had the country views that you do!

    I am old enough to be your mom, but sure loved when all my babies were home and underfoot. You are so right, time just does not obey and stand still.

    Recently I came across a poem I had written when my 3rd child had just been born. She is now 30. I titled the poem "Stop! Time Do Not Pass Me By". I cried when I read it after having forgotten about it for so many years. I then copied it and gave a copy to each of my 4 now grown babies.

    Cherish every second you have with your children, even the bad moments. One day will find you wishing for even the up-all-nighters again!

    I have 4 grandkids with a 5th expected in May. I try to talk to each of my kids on the phone everyday for a few minutes. I have two that live here in San Diego still, one in Minnesota and one in the army based in Texas.

    I love to read homeschooling, Christian family blogs. I homeschooled my youngest. Reading the blogs everyday to me is like receiving a letter from a sister-in-Christ that I haven't met yet (at least not while on this earth!). I love 'keeping up' with your family.

    Thank you for blogging!

    Love Donna


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