My Weekend In Numbers

{Levi having a blast on Saturday in the beautiful fall weather!}

2.5--hours it took my hubby to teach school on Friday, including doing a science experiment.  Can we say NOT FAIR?  I told him I quit.  (Not really.)  Although I obviously need some pointers if it takes me 3-4 hours every. single. day.  

4--hours I was out on Friday running errands and shopping.  ALONE.  Bliss I tell you.

1--how many cinnamon crunch bagels with hazelnut cream cheese I ate while on said solo shopping trip.  

3--how many bagels I wanted to eat {blush}

11--how much it cost for dinner @ Cici's for our whole gang (Woo-hoo!)

8--times I was told that I look like I've swallowed a basketball  

8--times I wanted to retort, "So, what's your excuse?"  (Why, oh why, are very pregnant women targets for comments from everybody, including complete strangers?!) 

15--"post-baby" freezer meals I made Saturday

6--homemade cinnamon rolls, already baked and iced that I found while organizing my freezer.  Oh happy day!

5--weeks until my due date 

75--price tag on a cross-stitched picture of a bowl of fruit.  At a yard sale.  For reals.  $75!

0--home projects I got done this weekend 

2--haircuts given to stinky little boys

3--loads of laundry washed (we won't talk about folded and put away)

What did you do this weekend?  


  1. Love this!!! Glad you got a morning out by yourself too. I would love that!!

  2. hahaha!!! this is hilarious :) "water off a duck's back" - that is supposed to be what I follow when I hear "pregnant comments." Unfortunately, I never really follow it. :P I think I'm going to start telling people I'm due in December so I won't keep getting the "you're still here?" comments. great day - it's not even my due date yet!!!
    But no - I'm not bitter. ;)

  3. Sounds like you did a lot this weekend! I can't believe people made those comments. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I had gained 50 pounds(lots of water), people just stared~no comments, though.


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