Lessons from Lampshades

Patience is hard, is it not?  
Remember how I told you I was trying hard to just wait for lamp shades?  
Well, patience pays off.  
Saturday my waiting finally came to an end.

I found these lamp shades at a yard sale for $3.50 a piece.  
I wanted to cry.  Seriously.  
These shades were in perfect condition, and were much nicer than anything I could have afforded to buy in a retail store. 

Not only did I get the shades, lamps were attached to them! At first glance I thought they were hideous, but they are really growing on me.  These lamps are so different and unique.  The bottom is open, like a vase turned upside down.  Wouldn't it be pretty to put something underneath, sort of like a cloche?

Check out the adorable finials that came with them too!  

Friend, I want to encourage you...if you are sick of waiting and tired of limitations, take heart!  Having patience and wisely using the resources God has given you will be so rewarding in the end.  

What are you waiting for?  A new job?  A house?  To start a family?  Nothing is too hard for God, whether it's something silly like lamp shades or a much needed resolution to that major problem in your life.  Pray, trust God for His timing and sit back and wait.  You won't be sorry!


  1. Thank you! I needed this reminder today. God is Good.

  2. I love your lamps and shades, but love the message of your post even more. Thank you for the reminder. Oh, and I love the other lamps too -- I filled a large glass hurricane (even has a similar fern print) with acorns from my yard and it looks lovely.

  3. ((sniff, sniff)) I just loooove happy endings!!!! :0)

  4. Beautiful post, Laine!

    Gorgeous lamps, lovely lampshades and I even like the glass lamp that came with the lampshades.

    But the lesson - priceless! Just what I needed! :)

  5. Im in tears as I read this page because oftentimes when you are trusting in the Lord for everything it seems like you never get anywhere....I have come to learn however that God doesn't always come when you want Him to, but He is always on time. Sometimes you have so much before Him on the altar and you don't even know where to start to tackle the issues, but this just reminded me in due time. Thank you!


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