Funny Money from My Honey {and Other Randomness}

This is how I was given the money budgeted for groceries, etc. this week.  


....a ninja star....

and my favorite, "Ellie" the Elephant. 

They are so cute...I didn't want to unfold them and spend them!  (Think my husband might be on to something??)  

But alas.  My family likes to eat and the store likes me to pay them.  

It was hilarious though having to apologize to the cashier as I tried desperately to unfold the ninja star one.  I told her my hubby did it and she said, "Wow!  How does he know how to do that??"  And then Lydia pipes up, "My Daddy is so talented, he can do anything."  Sweet. =)  


Ready for the random?

We've got a busy weekend coming up....tonight is our "Young Adult's" Sunday School Class activity.  Corn Maze anyone?

Sunday night after church is a baby shower for this little one, who on ultrasound yesterday was a whopping 4lb. 9oz. already.  My biggest baby was 7lb. 8oz....wondering if this one will steal the title?

I really, badly, desperately, need to make some progress on baby's quilt.  Is it just me, or is pinning all the blocks together a mind boggling process?  I stare and reposition fabric until it feels like my retinas are going to bleed.  Am I just over-analyzing it??

If you aren't already, you need to go read Christina's 31 days series.  If you love to make your home beautiful, but just don't know how to do it on a budget, you will be inspired!

And if you need a good laugh, go read this by Renee...hilarious!  I laughed so hard I cried.  

Hope you have a great weekend!!


  1. awww, you are so sweet to link to me! :)

    ok, as much as I loved the money folded into shapes, what I was really looking at was your photography! :) how do you get the background so clear - the 2 posterboards trick or do you have a DIY lightbox?

  2. Ha! That is great! It sounds like he likes to keep things interesting, huh?
    Glad you liked the Pinterest funnies! Thanks for the link!


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