Baby Shower Recap

Sunday night, after our evening service, our church threw us a baby shower!  It was different than most showers since it was done in conjunction with a church-wide fellowship, but I loved it! Very fun in my opinion! Something about all the women squealing "Awwww!" every time you open something and the men shaking their heads or rolling their eyes that makes it so comical. =)  

{34 weeks!}

Isn't this the cutest baby shower cake ever??  An umbrella cupcake cake for a baby "shower"...adorable!

The little baby was cute, kind of like Anne Geddes meets fondant.  =)

And wow, the food was amazing!  The ladies really outdid themselves.  This was my very favorite thing though...a Cabbage Patch Baby veggie tray!  I thought it was so neat! (The lady in our church who did this is a creative genius.  She needs her own TV show, or blog or something.  She just oozes creativity...and she's in her 70's!  Talk about inspiring!!)

Check out the stork! It was resting right in the middle of the present table.  My kids thought it was awesome!

Speaking of presents, this little baby girl was spoiled, as you can see!  We were blessed with many wonderful gifts, and I was thrilled to receive a Moby Wrap, something I have been wanting for a long time.  So excited to give it a try when our little one arrives!  I also was surprised with a Baby Bullet, which looks so handy! I have always made my own baby food, but it looks like this will really help.  

*Thank you to everyone who blessed us by coming and for the sweet gifts! We appreciate it so much!*

Any of you ever tried a Moby Wrap or the new Baby Bullet? Would love to hear your feedback on these items!


  1. What a fun shower!!! I've tried a friend's moby and I think it was over my head! I think it's one of those things that takes practice to really get quick at b/c there are so many steps to it. :) I'm sure it's awesome though b/c I've heard really great things about them! I can just see the wee one snuggled warmly in the moby while you are homeschooling your others each day! :)

  2. Wow, Laine your shower decorations were adorable!! Loving that cupcake cake. I have never done a cupcake cake but "pinning" this one to maybe try one day! :)

    How long till she arrives? :)

  3. It took me some practice to get the hang of the Moby. I had a good friend who was an avid user come over and show me some tips. 1. It needs to be snug on you before baby goes in it. 2. You need to make sure it's not tangled when you wrap it and that you spread out the material comfortably and widely across your shoulders.

    I did love how close and cozy it kept my baby, I used it exclusively for 5 months then switched to an Ergo which I still use and Love. Good Luck!

  4. What an AWESOME shower...Church fellowship is just the best!

    Have a lovely day!

  5. What a great shower!Wonderful decorations! I love the crudite tray. Very nice!


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