Po-tay-to, Po-tah-o

Last week, with high hopes, we dug up our sweet potato crop.  We planted 100 sweet potato slips, and ended up with about 150 potatoes, which was a little over 70 pounds.  Typically one slip can grow and produce 1-8 potatoes so our harvest was not too bad for our first year!  

We planted two varieties, a "red" sweet potato, which is the orange kind you typically buy in the store, and white sweet potatoes.  I had never heard of white sweet potatoes before though!  They are the same shape and size as "red" one, but the flavor is just a tad milder.  

Some of the potatoes were small, while others were huge Goliath sized!  We had quite a few laughs sorting through them and seeing all the different shapes that grew.    

We have a "C".....

and an "L."

And the eccentric, modern "pear." 

Then there's the "inch worm"....

and the "mouse"....

and "Jobba the Hut."

Meet the "scrunchy-faced, old-man yard gnome."  He's kinda' cute, don't you think?

Oh yes, let me correct myself, a "balding, scrunchy-faced, old-man yard gnome."  With one little stray hair in the back.  HA!

Last but not least, the "circus seal", balancing a ball on his nose.  We found it just like this.  You don't believe me?? Okay, fine, so the "seal" potato is genuine, but we did put the "ball" potato on with a toothpick.

This potato crop has warped me.  Now I'm looking at all my veggies that are still coming in and deciding what they look like.  =)

Have you seen any funny "produce" shapes?  And have you ever heard of white sweet potatoes?


  1. Funny! My kids love to find shapes in our veggies as we are harvesting them. However, I have not thought of taking pictures of them for a blog post. Thanks for the inspiration! No, I had not heard of white sweet potatoes. We just grow potatoes around here. :)

  2. Too funny! We planted potatoes this year, too. Only planted about teen plants, though. My daughter's boyfriend's family plants yukon gold potatoes and they grow really well and are tasty. We're going to plant them next year because they are so good! Congratulations on your harvest!

  3. Holy smokes. U totally could use a twice baked potato with extra gooey cheese and extra glorious butter right about now! :)

    And hey you called me "strange" before but look at you "potato lady". Lol. :)

  4. I meant to say "I" could totally use one. Haha. But you being preggers probably wouldn't mind one too. :)

  5. I live in South Africa and we hardly ever have the red sweet potatoes. While the outside is red the inside is white. You are right - they don't taste the same. I don't mind the white ones but sure do miss the red ones.

    Great harvest by the way!


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