Our Rained-Out Hot Date

Okay, so it wasn't exactly a "hot" date, it was more like a cold date!  Since my mom is here with us and could stay with our kiddos, it was my brilliant idea to wake up way too early and go down to the lake to watch the sunrise.  How romantic, huh?   =)  It had been about 12+ years since I had seen the sunrise on the water and I was really excited about it.  

We toasted some bagels, brought hot apple cider and coffee and drove down to the lake.  It was so incredibly beautiful and peaceful out in the early morning....not a soul to be seen anywhere.  Well, except for the skunk digging in the trashcan and the crane walking on the bridge!

Once the sky began to brighten it was gorgeous!  In my opinion, not much can compare to the beauty of the water and the amazing reflections.

{Love this picture!}

But as time passed we realized there would be no sun to see...it was way too cloudy!!  

{Be afraid...be very afraid}

Then it began to drizzle.  Boo.  So we just acted stupid and took a bunch of pictures before we left....rain was not gonna spoil our fun!  

So we didn't actually see the breathtaking sunrise we anticipated.  And it started to rain.  But we definitely made some great memories!  

Have you ever had a date foiled by weather or anything? 

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  1. Paul and I went to this fabulous restaurant in La Jolla, CA for the 11th anniversary of the day he proposed to me (how romantic is that?). It was right on the Pacific ocean, and when the tide is high, it laps on the windows of the restaurant. We were there when the tide was low, so the beach was exposed. We were sitting there talking about how lovely it was, when this fat guy in swim trunks, flippers, and goggles walked out on the beach and began his own version of a dinner show, running, jumping, and waving his arms at all the people eating in the panache restaurant! I thought we were gonna die laughing! It was the nicest restaurant I have ever been to, and this guy was a total nut! We won't ever forget that! :)


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