Happy Things

Happy Monday, my friends!  

Thought I'd share some happy things from this past week that just make me smile...because we all know we need an extra dose of "happy" for a Monday morning! =)

1.  I can still see my feet, hooray!  (All you mommas know this is definitely something to smile about!)

2.  A sweet lady at church invited me to her beauty shop to give me a pedicure.  I left with purpley-red,  sparkly toenails.  Perfect for fall.  See why I'm so excited to still see my feet? =)

3.  On Thursday I turned 28 during my 28th week of pregnancy.  What a coincidence!  

4. Birthday cards, strung across the mini clothesline that spans our dining room window, definitely make me smile!  The card from my hubby was so sweet....you know, the kind where you are crying before you get to the handwritten part??  Love him.

5.  Beautiful, mini, orange-y, birthday roses...a gift from my hubby.  


6.  This adorable stack of fabric waiting to be turned into a baby quilt for our newest arrival.  Truly makes me smile every time I look at it.   

7.  Another dear lady from church who took me to lunch and then shopping on Saturday....which ended in getting these.  LOVE them.  It needs to get cold so I can wear them all the time!

We always can have something to be happy about...what are you smiling about today?


  1. LOVE the grey in the quilt mix, your flowers are GORGEOUS, and the new boots are FABULOUS! Thanks for sharing some happy things - you gave me a much needed smile!

  2. Happy Birthday, Laine! I love the photo of your, uh, feet! Great angle! I am smiling today because I am so happy to be living in such a beautiful area! Just had a beautiful and relaxing drive back from the beach through small towns and by open fields and lots of pine trees.

  3. Happy Birthday (belated)!! I LOVE that fabric - can't wait to see the quilt when it's all done. :-)


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