Fall Fantel

Yes, here she is, my "Fantel" all dressed up for Fall. ( I don't have a mantel, remember? ) In case you are wondering, faux + mantel = fantel.  See?
I changed this "fantel" up so many times that it's not even funny.  As I was rearranging it (again!), I heard my little two year old behind me chirping, "Pretty, Momma!"  His sweet compliment seemed like the final "Okay, enough already...just leave it alone!" that I needed.  So I left it.

{Just pretend you don't see me in the mirror, okay?}
I still LOVE this vintage window (read more about it here)....it has lived on the piano for quite some time and I don't anticipate moving it anytime soon.  The white pitcher is part of a bowl/pitcher set that I usually have in my dining room.  My son found me some twigs and branches from around the yard and I scavenged a few leaves that fell off of some garland and hot glued them on. The clear pedestal vase (Goodwill treasure) is filled with apples that we picked while on vacation last week, and the wreath and candlesticks are all yardsale finds.  And what in the world is that giant pear lookin' thingy? 

That, my friends, is the cutest and coolest gourd EVER.  I saw it at a roadside stand near where we went apple picking.  (It was only $2...now I'm kicking myself for not buying some of the other fun ones they had.  Oh well.)  I'm loving how this gourd adds an unexpected splash of color to my usual fall decor.  Usually it's the reds, oranges, browns and yellows that dominate, but this bright green gourd is just so much fun.

So happy that fall is "officially" here.  Maybe I should celebrate and make some more of these?? (Hee-hee!)

Do you have a mantel or a "fantel" that you like to dress up for the seasons?

The Lettered Cottage


  1. Your fall "fantel" looks great! That gourd is so unique and cool and such a beautiful color! Those would look good in multiple areas around the house.

  2. I agree with your little man, so pretty! I don't have a mantel either OR a piano to decorate! I do have a ledge thingee on the window looking in from the kitchen to living room. That has to suffice my mantel fix. :) I guess that's my "fantel!"
    I love the giant green gourd!


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