Crayon Color Matching Activity for Toddlers

Last week I spent a lot of time with Levi trying to learn colors because this is an area he really struggles in.  He cracks me up because he knows all of his letters and their sounds, most shapes, and the names of almost every piece of construction or farm equipment out there.  We'll be going down the road and suddenly he'll shout,  "Mommy, I see a dangerous excavator!!"  Funny little guy.  

All that seems easy for him, but not colors.  Maybe he's a bit color blind?  I don't know...guess we'll find out when he's older.  He always gets pink right though, haha!  So last week while my older two were busy with school work, I came up with this simple matching game.  

To play, all you need is crayons and some color flashcards. ( I bought mine at Walmart years ago in a pack that had colors, shapes, etc.)  You could also use different colored construction paper or cardstock cut up into 3"x 5" pieces.

Place your cards in a grid and then give them crayons that coordinate with your flashcards or paper colors.  When he gets older I will probably just have him pick out the crayons from a whole group, but for now I just give him the colors needed so it is less confusing.

Once they get them all matched up, you can rearrange the cards in your grid and have them try again.  

Hope you have fun doing this with your toddler...they are so much fun to teach!

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