Celebrating My Girl’s 8th Birthday

It’s truly incredible that Lydia is now eight

I know all parents think their children are special, and they are.  But as we tell Lydia often, God created her unique, with a special heart, designed just for her, in order to bring Him much glory. Her heart defects are not a mistake, not a “fluke” as the doctors say, but God’s perfect plan for her.  (I love Psalm 139!)

I never thought when I gave birth to her on September 19th, 2003, that things would turn out as they have.  Her future and prognosis were fair, yet the immediate plan of care was terrifying, along with more years of waiting and watching.  And now, the Lord has brought her through so much….three open heart surgeries and three heart cath surgeries, along with many other physical issues and other hospitalizations along the way. 

Each day is a sweet gift and every year an amazing milestone.  There is a lot yet unknown for her and her future.  But today she is healthy, energetic, a bit sassy, and bubbling with joy!

It was such a pleasure to be able to celebrate her birthday while on vacation!  Especially to have birthday cake down by the lake…seriously, how fun is that?? 

A lemon “8” cake with light green icing was the birthday girl’s wish!  (I forgot a pretty platter though so it was a cookie sheet to the rescue!)  Daddy bought trick candles and it was hilarious!  So fun!



Present time!  I had a blast sewing matching dresses for her and her favorite doll last week.  She was so surprised and delighted when she saw them!  She loves to wear dresses and has wanted to wear nothing else all week.  (Tutorial for these dresses coming next week!)



So thankful for this little girl who the Lord has used to change me, teach me and stretch me in so many ways.  She’s simply amazing.

We love you, Lydia….Happy 8th Birthday!!!
{sniffle, sniffle}


  1. Happy Birthday, Lydia! God has been so good, and we praise Him for the way He was worked and continues to work in your life. We love you, too!

    Love, Uncle Dave and Aunt Ruth, Grace, Mary and Davey

    (Davey liked your cake, by the way. He said it was just like his last birthday cake, except his had cars on it. :)

  2. Happy Bday to your cutie pie 8 year old! Definitely a neat bday memory to be able to celebrate on vacation!
    Love the matching dresses too! Those are a fortune! ANOTHER benefit of knowing how to sew! If only!

  3. Love the dresses....I saw a tutorial the other day on how to make those for adults. I'd definitely try one for a child first though in case it was a flop. :)
    Looking forward to seeing your "how to" post...and still waiting for that chalkboard tutorial!! ;)

  4. THANK YOU for disabling word verification! :)

  5. Happy Birthday to your Lydia! We have an 8th birthday coming up real soon in our family as well! September 25th our baby turns "8"! Great job on the dresses!

  6. can't wait to see the dress tutorial!

    and that last picture of the 2 of you is adorable!!

    Happy Birthday, Lydia! I remember praying for you when you were born and shortly after when we were still at school :)

  7. Happy Birthday to your precious little lady! She is amazing....and so is her mom!!

    Love you all!

    The Haurys


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