Burlap Wreath

{Note to self:  Make sure ALL the blinds are closed on the front door before taking a picture!}

This "Scrunched-up Burlap Wreath", as I call it, is extremely easy to make.  As in "easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy."  My kids crack up when I say that, but you're not laughing are you?  It's the perfect wreath for fall...simple and slightly rustic.

I regret that I don't have a picture tutorial for you....I actually made this almost two years ago!  It was only used for five weeks while our home was on the market.  Once it sold the wreath was packed in a box.  Imagine my excitement when I recently found it! 

To make this wreath you will need:  
-1 coat hanger
-strips of burlap about 4"-5" inches wide (I think I used 1 1/2 yards worth?)
-hot glue gun

Step 1:  Cut your coat hanger to length desired and shape into a circle.

Step 2:  Take a strip of burlap and fold over a 3" section and poke the wire through the   center.  Continue folding and poking until your wreath is a full as you would like.  This takes a while, but the fuller the better.  

Step 3:  Secure your coat hanger and then move your burlap around until it is nice and even.

Step 4:  Thanks to gravity, the burlap will shift over time and will all be scrunched at the bottom and your wreath will look all weird and deformed.  (Trust me on this one!)  To keep this from happening, hot glue sections of your burlap to your wire, focusing mostly on the top section.  

Step 5:  Hang it!  I put a strip of burlap and ribbon around the top and hung it with upholstery tacks hammered into the top of my door.  

 Is it just me, or does burlap just make everything feel more cozy and "fallish?"  

Linking up to Nester's Wreath party and Rhoda's Door Decor for Fall party!  Go check them out for some awesome wreath inspiration


  1. love this wreath, so easy to make but looks great! saw the link up at nester.

  2. So pretty and I am going to do this. Where is the best and cheapest place to get burlap? I tried to "pin" this, but it said they could not find any big images on this sight. Weird huh?!
    My door is in need of this wreath for sure!

  3. Awesome wreath! Glad you got some rest! Have a lovely day!

  4. Love this Laine!! I am soooo making this - maybe even this week. Pinned it too! :)

  5. Your wreath is adorable ~ I love it!

    I am hosting a new linky party on Wednesdays ~ FALL in Love With Your Home. I'd love for you to join in the fun.

    Have a very happy Labor day!


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