She's Home

Early this morning, Amy Bixby, a child of God, a wife and a beautiful mother of seven children went home to be with her Savior. 

Her long battle with cancer is over, the pain and the suffering.  After all she's been through, she is finally rejoicing in heaven.  It's her first day with Jesus....can you just imagine?

But her husband....her children....I cannot begin to wrap my mind around the sorrow they must be experiencing.  They need our prayers now more than ever! 

While I never knew Amy personally, I know many, many who do.  (I encourage you to read what Renee, a college classmate wrote about her.)  I only ever had the privilege of "knowing" Amy through her blog.  She's somebody I wish I had known though...so glad that one day I will meet her.

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Amy's beautiful life, and now her death are so convicting.  I think about my life today...couldn't I have been more patient with my children?  Did I really need to cry over something so petty? 

How would I live if I knew I only had a few days or weeks here on this earth?  I would live differently....wouldn't you?  I want to let that different be now, to live each day remembering that God's Word says my days are numbered...to love my husband and my children, and to serve my Lord like there is no tomorrow.  

Oh to impact my family and my world, to one day leave a beautiful legacy...like Amy


  1. Hello Laine. You do not know me but I found your blog through a fellow missionary. I have enjoyed following it. My husband and I work in the same city (Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia) as Amy Bixby's sister-in-law (and her family). I appreciate you posting this. I too have kept up with the situation and Amy's testimony through her diagnosis and battle with cancer. I am a close friend of her sister-in-law here and we have talked much of Amy, her dear family and how glorious it will be when Amy meets her Savior! It does change our perspective when we think about being in her place and counting down the precious memories we will be able to make with our children while we have the time. God bless you and your family.

  2. Just seeing this, Laine. Thanks for posting. Keep praying...the difficult days are just beginning for Jon and the kids.


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