Pregnancy Update: Week 24

On Monday we had our long awaited visit to the perinatologist to take a good look at this little one.  Because of Lydia's complex heart defects, with each pregnancy we have a detailed ultrasound to check for any birth defects, especially heart defects.  

Going back in the office always gives me mixed emotions as this was the same doctor who diagnosed Lydia.  Sitting in the chair in that dark room, tummy covered in jelly as they looked at this wee one, I realized God's goodness all over again and thought about how things had come full circle.  My heart was crushed eight years ago when this same doctor told us of Lydia's heart defects.  Now to sit there, eyes gazing on another squirming baby girl, and here her declared "beautiful and perfect" was just awesome. Praise the Lord!

After the happy visit while we were walking back to the parking deck, I said to Steven, "Hey, since we are down here in Charlotte, maybe we can find a cool place for a baby bump picture!"   We were parked on the roof so he thought it would be cool to get a picture with the Charlotte sky-line in the background.  (It was HOT out there and my cute little white sweater I had been wearing just had to go.  Don't usually like to bare my arms, but this preggo mama couldn't take it!)

So there I am, with cars driving around and people thinking we are wackos, squinting into the bright sun for a picture.  Fabulous.  But then the hilarity started.  I was standing there and I spotted something.  And I shouted out, "Honey look!!!  A turquoise door!!"  

My husband laughed SO hard and of course had a blast making fun of me.  Charlotte skyline vs. a Turquoise door??? I will never live it down! =)

The pictures aren't great...I was laughing too hard to pose decently.  Such a funny ending to a happy day. (Plus a great memory!)  

And it is a great turquoise door, don't you think?  

Totally worth all the harassment I'm receiving. 


  1. Congrats again for the GREAT news!!! Love your blog.

  2. Laine- Your blog is adorable and so is your prego tummy! Glad to hear your baby is doing great. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your comments! Have a great week:)

  3. Wonderful news! Glad you and your baby are doing well!

  4. laineyyy! i had no idea you were expecting again, congrats! i'm glad to hear everything is good!

  5. I am a first time reader and was immediately drawn in to your blog. I have read through Lydia's story and was so struck by God's faithfulness and by her sweetness. It does seem true that kids who are given much to deal with also seem to be given the strength to deal with it (one of our daughters has health problems and she is the same way). Now to see your cute pregnant tummy and know that growing in there is a healthy baby girl after all that you've been through makes me feel a bit emotional. What a blessing! Congratulations!

  6. aw...your a cute preggo woman! Love your outfit and the necklace too! Very stylish! ;) ;) Cute pictures!


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