A Peek Into Our School Day

6:00a.m.--I pretend I don't hear the alarm clock.  I hit the snooze and I shouldn't. 

6:15-- I'm finally up.  I don't know why I bothered hitting the snooze anyways....I was awake the whole time and my bladder was about to explode.  That 15 extra minutes really did me a lot of good...(not!)

6:15-6:50--Shower, get ready for the day, devotions,etc.

6:55--Breakfast prep...we have a rotating breakfast menu and my hubby takes charge of breakfast most days. (I'm spoiled, what can I say?) While he is finishing up breakfast, I usually will throw a load of laundry in the washer, hang laundry on the line, unload the dishwasher or just straighten up.

7:05--Wake kiddos...they either start babbling incessantly or are crying and moaning. (I don't think they understand silence.) =)  Kiddos get dressed and make their beds.

7:15--Breakfast and Bible Time.  After breakfast we clear the table, get our Bibles and have family devotions.  Our whole family looks forward to this...one of the best changes we've ever made to our family routine!

8:00--Time to finish chores, etc.  Our children have daily chore cards that hang in the hallway.  This system works great for us!  Also in their cards they have one extra chore card for each day of the week.  Lydia's extra chore today is wiping down the baseboards and Caleb's is cleaning the light switches.  Nothing very time consuming, just little stuff to help keep everything nice and shining!

8:30--Usually they are finished with chores and have begun their first box. (You can read more about our new workbox system here.)  

I have their boxes set up so that while one child is doing a subject that needs help from mom, the other is working on something more independent.  Right here we are working on Lydia's Sequential Spelling lesson while Caleb did his handwriting.

Then we switch!  Spelling with Caleb while Lydia works on her vocabulary lesson.  

Levi usually entertains himself playing cars, looking at books, etc.,  but everyday I take time to do some "Montessori" type activities with him.  One of our activities yesterday was with pipe cleaners and a colander!  He LOVED it!  And it was so funny because he kept calling the pipe cleaners "spaghetti."  =)

{He's got some serious bed-head hair!! }

12:00--Lunchtime!  Most days we are completely finished by this time!  Woo-hoo!!  

12:30--Mr. Levi really loves to take the looooong walk up the gravel road to the mailbox everyday.  This is becoming our after lunch ritual!

{Look what we found on a tree after our walk?  The old skin that a cicada crawled out of!  Cool!}

1:00--Nap time for Levi/Quiet play time for Caleb and Lydia. If there is any school work left we finish it up while Levi naps. 

3:00--Rise and Shine, Levi! 

3:00-5:00--Our afternoons can really vary. You can find us baking, cleaning, crafting, playing outside, grocery shopping, running errands, or swimming at our friends pool!

5:30 or 6:00--Daddy's home and dinner!

7:00--Start winding down and getting ready for bed.  We also read Lydia's read-a-loud book for school before bed...something we all look forward to!


Then my hubby and I stay up all night eating pizza and watching movies.  Haha..just kidding!  Our kids asked us one time if that's what grown-ups did. Hilarious!

10:30pm--This is when we try to be in bed.  Doesn't always happen, but that's the goal.  

Just to be honest, these "times" I have given you just represent a pretty flexible "routine."  Some are exact, while others are just in the ballpark.  Also, our days usually only look like this on Monday, Tuesdays and Fridays.  The routine for Wednesdays and Thursdays looks much different!  While I do like schedules, I really cannot put our family on a "time-sensitive" schedule throughout the day.  Too many things interfere and throw things off...like that phone call I absolutely had to answer, or my son's explosion of a diaper that required a bath, etc.    We have routines that we are comfortable with and that keep our family on track, but not stressed by the clock.  

What about your family?  Do you have an exact time schedule for which you do everything, or are you more laid back with just a regular routine?   

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I love to hear how other Mommas schedule their days!

  2. Popping in (late) from the Not Back to School Blog Hop and now a new follower! I love your chore system and chalkboard!

  3. I love this! Something so simple to you, yet it gives me ideas. My kids are 1, 3 and 5 and I want to start having some structured 'learning' time to get us ready for next year when we want to start homeschool. You're a great resource!


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