The Block Basket

After posting about something hiding under my desk, I received this comment from Renee:

Great idea!! Love hiding stuff like that too! Now tell us what's in the basket under the desk, ha ha! :)

Sure Renee!  (But only because I'm so nice. =P )

The basket, actually a sturdy wicker laundry basket that came along with my husband when we married, has served many uses these 9+ years.  Right now, this awesome basket has a home tucked under the desk, holding a myriad of wooden and mdf blocks. 

Although my husband is a pastor, he has always been a carpenter. Between ministries he's worked for a cabinet shop in Charlotte or done woodworking on the side.  About four years ago, he took a bunch of scraps that they were going to throw away at the shop and made our kiddos blocks of many different shapes and sizes. They have been a favorite in our home ever since! 

Funny story....one time some teenage boys were in our home and they said, "Uummm...we're really having a craving to build with blocks....can we play with those?"  Totally cracked me up.  They had a blast and spent the next hour building to their hearts content! 

See all the different shapes and sizes?  Makes for great building!  The basket is only about half full though because my little people had taken most of them to Lydia's room.  

The little architects hard at work, busy building their masterpiece.  Project of the day??? A GI Joe/Polly Pocket house. 

Poor Levi, he was ordered to "build over there" and given three blocks.  Oh the trauma a third child goes through.  ( I speak from experience...I'm a "third" and so is my hubby!)  =P 

Levi's little man was hungry evidently.  Hope he doesn't mind eating at a pink table! 

"What's he eating, Levi?" 
"Birthday cake!!

That boy loves cake. =)

Mr. GI Joe's turn.  I didn't ask what he ate.

The building continues with a fence to protect everyone inside from "the bad army."

Now if only they could figure out a way to protect their masterpiece from their little brother!!

So thankful my hubby made these blocks...truly one of the best toys EVER!!  (Thanks, Honey!)


  1. A few years ago my Mom found several huge boxes of wooden blocks at a garage sale. She divided them among us kids for our kids to play with. We have a HUGE bin full of all different sizes in the basement and they get played with every day! :)

  2. How neato!!! Thanks for satisfying my curiosity!!! :) Looks like a definite winner and impressed at how well your basket has held up that long! :)


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