Back-to-School Pics

For our Back-to-School pictures, I told Lydia and Caleb to pick what they wanted to wear, as well as the "where/how/with what" they wanted their picture taken.  It was a blast! 

{Don't you think the ladder looks like an "A"?}

Can't believe I have a third grader and a 1st grader.
That's just wrong.

They should know better than to make their mother feel old.
Kids these days....=)

P.S...Since this week was the first day of first grade, I can't get the "Billy Joe McGuffey" song out of my head from the "Jonah" Veggie Tales movie. (You can read the lyrics here.)  Wish I could have found a little video...it's hilarious!!

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  1. They have grown so much! Hope they have a great school year...

  2. How creative & fun! Have a great first week! :)

  3. Those are great pictures! I love the look of the ladder (and yes, it does look like an "A" from that angle!)

  4. What a great idea to use the ladder like that. Very unique and well done.

  5. Very cute pictures! Wow, Lydia is already in 3rd? That's crazy fast. Wow...we are getting old!

    I plan on taking some k5 school pictures of Meg soon, and some with Ty. Getting all excited about the props. hehe.

    Oh and since Steven is the wood maker and paint person...I have my eddie bauer highchair that I'd like to redo in black...what kind of paint would be safe for lana to sit on and to eat on and to touch. :) Just thought I ask...if he doesn't know that's totally fine. :) Going to be making a chalkboard soon too...I'm so excited about this school year...starting next week! Hooray!

  6. Sweet! we go back next Tuesday!

    Have a lovely day!

  7. My oldest turned 20 in March! Not THAT makes me feel old. Love your pictures!


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