Something's Hiding Under the Desk

{My poor lamps are still shadeless (sigh) and I need to straighten some pictures!}

Do you see it?  No? Good. I hoped you wouldn't.

I like hiding things in my home.  (My husband would agree...he thinks I hide his hairbrush on purpose!)  While there are obvious personal things in a home that should not be in plain sight, others are just a preference.  I don't like looking at televisions, small countertop appliances, speakers, etc.  It bugs me!

A few months ago we had a dilemma. Our whole family loves music so we like to have music playing in our home on a daily basis.  But again, I don't want to look at a CD player.  Or have a pile of CD's laying around.  Or a laptop continuously propped open with those weird designs flashing across the screen of Windows Media player.  (You all know what I'm talking about!)  But thankfully, I found a solution!

Enter the cheap speakers!  We found these speakers at Ross for $5 many years ago.  Basic speakers like this can still be found very inexpensively at a variety of stores. 


I moved the desk out, plugged the power cord in and lined the speakers up with the openings at the bottom of the desk.  Next, I took the cord that plugs into your phone or MP3 player (don't know exactly what it's called!) and tied it around the cord to one of my lamps so it would not continuously fall behind the desk.


See it hiding under there?  This is the only way you can see the speakers, and since most people will not be crawling around my floor on their bellies, I don't think it's a problem!  (Just pretend you didn't see the dusty floor under there as well, okay??)

Now if we want music playing through our home, I just plug in my cute, red MP3 player or my hubby's phone and enjoy!  So happy for this simple, cheap solution!

Is there something in your home that bugs you and you want to hide?  Anyone out there weird like me?? =)


  1. Must be the woman's brain, but one of my happiest days was when I found some Velcro cord wranglers to attach my lamp cord to a black iron treadle sewing machine base that we transformed into a foyer table. Whew--that was a long sentence. Since the base is all open, one could see the lamp cord dangling down all over the place. Happy was the day when I folded it up and secured it to the backest-most part of the table base. {sigh}...all is well in the foyer now. Look here for details http://shelbystitcher.blogspot.com/2011/03/happy-spots.html

  2. I love the way you decorated the desk area! Very nice!

  3. I love all the frames! And yes, I agree, it really bugs me to see all the appliances, great idea! Thanks!

  4. Great idea!! Love hiding stuff like that too!
    Now tell us what's in the basket under the desk, ha ha! :)

  5. ok, off topic (although I LOVE the hiding stuff idea - need to do that!)

    But I LOVE that desk - let me guess, a yardsale find? :) I am looking for one pretty much just like that! :)

    keeping my eyes peeled at Goodwill and yardsales! :)


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