Pregnancy Update: 21 Weeks

{21 weeks}

I'm over halfway there...woo-hoo!  This pregnancy is seriously just flying by.  In some ways I want it to slow down (there's SO much I need to get done before November!), but then again we are all so anxious to meet this little one!  It's been a great pregnancy so far and I'm so thankful for the health God has given me.

Now I'll bore you with some more random pregnancy facts!
  • We are having a girl!!  (Go here to see how we told the kiddos!)
  • Her initials are L.H.C.  =)
  • I am finally gaining some weight!  At my 18 week appointment my midwife was concerned because I had only gained 3.5lb.  (She asked me if I was eating and it made me laugh because I definitely eat.  And I eat ALOT.)  No worries though because according to the scale this morning, my total gain is now between 7 -8lb.  
  • I have a ritual...a bowl of cheerios every morning before breakfast and one before I go to bed.  Told you I like to eat. =)
  • This pregnancy is causing me a lot of pain in the backside.  Literally.  Because of my history of pre-term labor with Lydia and Caleb's pre-term birth, my doctors and midwives all thought it would be best if I took progesterone shots (17P).  While nobody knows exactly what triggers pre-term labor, it has been proven that in order for labor to begin, a woman's progesterone level has to drop significantly . So in an effort to lengthen a pregnancy, the horomone progesterone is given weekly by injection to keep the progesterone level up.  That's right...weekly.  At 16 weeks I began these shots and they will continue until 36 weeks.  Every Thursday morning I go in and have an injection in my hip.  The injection itself is a little painful but I'm getting used to it.  I think the side effects are the worst part...the burning and soreness in my hip, nasuea, fatigue and headaches.  Thankfully, this only lasts for about 48 hours and then I feel normal again.  God's grace is always sufficient...something I've learned more and more through each pregnancy.
  • I love Gatorade!
  • Have an appointment in a 2.5 weeks to see my perinatologist for a detailed echo on baby's heart. 
  • Very happy about finally fitting into some of the cute maternity clothes I have found at yardsales, Goodwill and Once Upon A Child (consignment store).
  • This little gal is quite active!  Especially around 4:00am!
  • Right at this very moment I am craving a cinnamon crunch bagel with hazlenut cream cheese from Panera Bread.  Haven't had one in like 2 years.  I think I need one.  (Are you reading this Honey???)  =)

Thank you as always for your continued prayers!  We are praying and trusting the Lord for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy little girl born around Thanksgiving!

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  1. Such a cute baby bump! Praying for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby! ~Esther


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